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New Poster showing forthcoming 2023 Origins & Masterverse figures - amazing

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  • New Poster showing forthcoming 2023 Origins & Masterverse figures - amazing

    I felt that this deserved it's own dedicated thread: I recently saw this has pictures of many of the forthcoming Origins & Masterverse figures. I haven't seen most of these pictures before, and it's great to have all of these in one place. The poster definitely looks legitimate, and I've heard about a lot of these. I posted this in the "Classics" forum instead of Origins, but it could go in either.

    I'm especially impressed by the Masterverse Buzz-off, Webstor (one of my favorite characters!), Oversized Whiplash, Deluxe Clawful, Deluxe Ram-Man, Grizzlor, and Blue-skinned Faker - but they all look great.

    Re: Origins - these look great as well, though I had heard about most of them. However, the "Snake Men Bundle" is news to me, and looks fantastic. I suspect it will be an exclusive.

    These new figures are coming out at such a fast rate now that it's definitely tough to keep up with these forthcoming releases. However, I am most definitely onboard for the majority of these new figures!

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    We've been talking about the reveals already in this thread:


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      Thanks - I was unaware of this other thread.


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        Originally posted by man-e-faces View Post
        Thanks - I was unaware of this other thread.
        Best way to find out is to click on "Today's Posts" under the Forum tab ^ and see if there were any threads that are currently active.

        I'm sure some of the MV reveals today gave you some excitement since this is your main line that you normally collect.


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          Thanks; I posted more on the other thread. Masterverse is definitely the primary MOTU line I'm collecting now. But, I would collect more Origins figures if I could find them; they're tough to track down @ retail (especially after the Wave 7 fiasco from 2021) & they also are harder to find online for reasonable prices.

          Conversely, Masterverse are typically easier to find in stores & online (at reasonable prices).


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