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    Is there a character or two that you have warmed up to?

    I have. When I got classic's Optikk, Thunder Punch He-Man and Bow (think I got him. can't tell anymore. If not then he'd still be on this list) those are 3 characters that I instantly warmed up to when I got their figure. Getting Classics Optikk and Bow makes me wish they were made with a vintage buck.

    Maybe, sort of, kind of, along that line is Wundar. The man, the myth, the legend, made into figure and formerly and properly brought into the line. That's what I like about the character. Same with Gorpko aka The Nameless one.

    I now find myself warming up to Champ Clamp. Clamp Champ. Whatever. I'll get his name right when I warm up to him a bit more.

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    For Classics for me it was VyKron & Hydron. I've actually warmed up to Mosquitor in general.
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      For me it's Orko. I was never a fan of his figure till I saw Revelations take on him and made me a fan.


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