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Who is sick of the secrecy?

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  • Who is sick of the secrecy?

    From the "keep reading the bios" to not revealing the line up for fear of - what - legal action?: to mystery heads in Man E Faces; to the current nonsense surrounding the Unnamed One - I must say I am pretty over the whole secrecy thing.

    What may have been designed to be fun, I certainly do not find it to be.

    While I know these are toys - sorry "Adult Collectors" !?!? - but I must say I am sick of being treated like a child by the current regime.

    What are your thoughts? Do we deserve some transparency and an end to the childishness?

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    It's the only "marketing" they employ, secrecy to stimulate fan conversation.

    I have mixed feelings about it, but don't mind some suspense once in a while - but anything Scott does at this point sours me.
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      While I don't like toy secrecy in general and some don't make any sense other than BS marketing and generating product hype like GREP-A-TOR has mentioned, but many of the reasons are based on the copyright/pattern rights and laws, not to mention dealing with the competition out there. Most companies that deal with design and innovation overuse the secrecy tactics to their extremes whether we like it or not.


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        The legal action could be due to false advertising, should there be a need to change a character. Blame America's lawsuit happy society for that. I could see it for DC since DC Comics is a license and Warner Bros could put in and take out anyone they want at any time. But Mattel themselves own Masters.

        As for the bios, I think it's partly marketing, but I also believe that "keep reading the bios" is a way to handle any annoying plot holes that the fans discover. Indeed, there are subjects that the bios and upcoming figures might never cover. TG does clarify things that he has written.


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          I see it as partially promotion, and partially as I don't know.....I haven't made that shit up yet.

          As far as Unnamed One....lame, I'm really wanting to know what the hell I'm having to buy, and I should have known by now, I should have known when I signed up. I know it was my choice to sub anyway without knowing, but I think it's crap regardless. I mean, they should have done it like Transformers Masterpiece or something....a silhouette at least.

          Originally posted by MegaGearMax View Post
          Blame America's lawsuit happy society for that.
          You mean like Coffee crotch Lady?.... McDonalds made me fat people? Here's a stupid check.... before suing there should be some common sense asked and used....

          a) Did you not know you just ordered HOT Coffee? Were you stupid enough to clasp it between your legs so the lid popped off and burned your private area?

          Verdict....You're a Derp.

          b) Did you not know there were other places to eat? Did you not know you could actually cook food at home? Who held your hand and led you to McDonalds for 3 damn meals a day? Ever heard of a Salad?

          Verdict....You're a Derp.

          Blame the Judicial system for allowing such cases to even go forth. I stubbed my pinky toe on the bathroom door at Wal-Mart....SUE!


          • MegaGearMax
            MegaGearMax commented
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            LMAO! Like Transformers' strange disclaimer during it's commercials: "change time will vary". What the hell? I've also seen "special effects are not real" in some commercials. What?!!

          • _RZ_
            _RZ_ commented
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            McDonald's lady was actually a much bigger deal (and much worse injury) than made out by common urban legend.

            Did it inspire ridiculousness? Sure. But the real case is interesting, as is the way it was spun by McDonalds to the world at large, it's frightening. The urban legend inspired all types of scumbags to try their hand at lying and ripping others off, not the other way around.

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          Annoying describes it best for me... but I can see how it does make sense to Mattel: They are too cheap to do any type of advertising for the brand, and what "better way" than to get your customers & fan sites out there to spread the word for you for free and let them do the ground work by talking about 'the big secret' for you? Not saying it's the best way, but it might be one of the cheapest ways, and since the words 'best' and 'cheapest' are interchangeable in Mattel's vocabulary (see Digital River) that's what you get.


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            The bios have always been awful. So in response to "keep reading the bios" I always think - "I have better things to do with 15 seconds"
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              So true BRM.
              Too bad the bios weren't printed on paper instead of cardboard, at least I could wipe my ass with them then.


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                Part of the reason for secrecy is probably so that TG can sell as many POP, NA, 200X, Mini-Comic and Concept figures as he could Vintage MOTU characters. If fans knew exactly who they were getting, they might focus moreso on the figures that they don't want, rather than the figures that they do want and not subscribe. Some fans are deathly afraid of NA characters, while others fear POP females. I remember people flipping out over Battle Lion and he isn't a normal figure. Hydron allegedly ruined SDCC, despite Two Bad, Glimmer and Modulok being revealed too.


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                  I'm not keen myself, but think about it like this, when NA Skeletor was revealed he was pretty much loved by all or at the very least surprised people with how good he looked, but conversation has dried up about him, every one is still talking about UNO and will be till he comes out, where he'll be loved or hated, It's just a marketing gimmick, to keep hype high.


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                    I don't really care one way or another. I'm ready to finish the line especially the MOTU vintage figures. I understand they are dangling a few Vintage figures back so they can make unwanted NA & other figures in the line up. Although I do like the inclusion of Filmation,POP,200x & POG. Enough is enough. Right now with the Classics line diminishing secrecy is their best weapon for fans to buy. I DO think that the Exclusive 2015 figure should be announced & try to Pending Darthdrew13make the figure on par with Shadow Weaver.


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                      The whole combo of "secret" marketing with online chatter was perfected in modern toys by many indie Japanese vinyl companies over the last fifteen or so years. Combine it with this TED talk and you can see where Scott, and most of mainstream corporate marketing today, have stolen their plan.

                      To me it's a shame because MOTUC could be so much more successful without the limited stock games or "mystery box" marketing. It's a good product, and if they paid attention to Netflix view numbers alone with children and She-Ra, they could have easily done so much more, maybe even negotiated a bigger budget years ago...
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                        I understand the secrecy... to a point... but I do think it would be good for them to reveal the names of all of their subscription figures during sales time. They can always add the tagline "subject to change" in case a few of the figures don't get made that year. From what I have seen, the "mystery box" marketing of MOTUC has assisted in giving this line its declining sales numbers.
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                          The secrecy of the bios does not bother to me, because it only took a few bios initially to realize they're not very good. As for secrecy on the lineups, that is more troublesome to me. I agree that holding back the identity of the Unnammed One was really foolish. Mattel complains about sub numbers, yet fails to put their best showing forward.


                          • Y2Greg
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                            A bonus figure we pay for when we sign up. Since we're paying for it, I want to know what it is/going to be.

                          • Mechanizor
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                            MGM, a bonus figure is a figure you shouldn't pay for!

                          • MegaGearMax
                            MegaGearMax commented
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                            Okay, maybe bonus figure was a poor choice of words. What I'm saying is because I would have subbed up anyway since I want everyone, I'll be far less nitpicky about the exclusive character selected.

                            Usually, we learn the identity of the Club Exclusive up front (Wun-Dar, Preternia He-Man, Shadow Weaver, King He-Man). This year has a gimmick attached to it, with the secrecy surrounding the Unnamed One. Horde Prime was another figure who had secrecy, but that time it was his head that was unrevealed.

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                          The secrecy as far as what will be released in the sub is a bit tiresome. Seriously I'm sure their legal department can find a way to set up the sub where they do the reveals and not get sued over it. Mattel really had to bank on our commitment to the brand to buy product unseen or unknown like that. Instead of rewarding that with the best buying experience possible, they continue to treat the customers rather poorly.


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                            The secrecy garbage reflects the brand manager's personality. Uncreative, immature and above all else, dishonest.
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