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New Mini Comic to be revealed at SDCC

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  • New Mini Comic to be revealed at SDCC

    According to Toyguru, another Mini comic will be revealed this year at SDCC. No details as of yet on what it will be about or when it will take place. Given the fact that the next mini shows He-man and Skeletor's final battle, I would think the next one would be in the "Son of He-man" era.


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    Son of He-Man era is logical theory. But I hope it will be something... else.

    And gimme more Axel Giménez art!


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      I hope it's not that Son of He-Man, Dare, Skeleteen era thingy, but if TG is still in charge, probably it's inevitable I'm afraid!

      And I agree with Jukka, we need Axel Gimenez to be in charge of the art, he's one of the best artist I've seen fitting for this brand.


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        Also; this time I want the COVER TOO to be by Axel!!!! Last time he did make a sketch for the cover, but Wellington Alves in the end did the cover-art.


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          I agree about it probably being in the Son of He-Man era. The first trio was basically POG/modern times. Then we got the origin comic teasing at Skeleteen. The 5th mini-comic is the final battle in the New Adventures period. So the 6th one is likely what happens after Skeletor's defeat.


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            It will be the current brand manager's "vision".

            And it will suck.
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              looks more like 2015 will be a Cherry Pickin year for me then.
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                I'm all for Axel being the artist. His work is amazing!
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                  No SOHM please. No Neitlich designs please.
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                    ...I HOPE it's somethng for Son of He-Man!! It'd be nice to see the MOTUC brand start moving FORWARD a bit in 2016, if they can get there!


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                      The Mighty Spector's Bogus Journey (how has this joke not yet been made?)
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                        I hope from what we've heard about this latest mini it will be Spector's mission to save She-Ra since she does have a 30th Anniversary coming!


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