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Stands: Which work best with MOTUC?

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  • Stands: Which work best with MOTUC?

    What stands do you find work the best with your MOTUC figures? Do you use the Grayskull and Snake Mountain stands? The stackable Grayskull stands? Or do you use stands made by other toy companies? Curious to know what other collectors are using.
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    Protech makes a great stand. They are designed for use with vintage Kenner Star Wars type figures, but work well with MOTUC figures. They are small, round and clear so they are very unobtrusive when attached to the figure.


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      Wow that website has some great stuff! Good prices as well, thanks for sharing it.

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    Have never seen these before, and looks good value for money. 150 figures could be done as little as $60. One question, they look more suited to 3 3/4 figures, any pics of MOTUC with them?


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      They are meant for 3 3/4 figures. However, I use one for each foot on the classics figures.


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        I think this question is fresh again, at least for me. I moved and it's time to display my MOTUC figures properly. Any ideas for a big lot at a reasonable price out there?


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          I’ve had pretty good luck with the NECA clear stands, especially with the female MOTUC figures. I originally bought 10 for $20 Canadian on
          As far as the male figures, it’s a little hit or miss, but one odd thing I’ve found is that I’ve had more luck fitting the pegs in the right foot of the male figures as opposed to the left foot....


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