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  • MOTUC Castle Grayskull

    I have had my Grayskull for almost a week and I LOVE it! If I were to complain about it I'd say even though it's bigger than it seemed online, I still wouldn't mind another 6 inches in height and width and depth and it feels a little light on accessories, but maybe because we got the weapons rack already. I love the thing it's got a great heft to it, but Scott or whomever wrote the info on it says we never got the battle trainer before - that DEIFNITELY came with the original playset. so I have no clue to what he or whomever is refering. sucks that some accessories and features were cut, but all in all I REALLY love this playset. it and Granamyr are fantastic giant pieces to the collection. Thanks to the Horsemen more than anything for making this happen.

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    Still waiting for my Castle! It is suppose to arrive today
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      Did you pre-order? How did you have it shipped? they shipped mine DHL and it came fast, and ona positive note they actually refunded me $20 shipping as I was overcharged from my original quote. I'm definitely not a matty apologist but I have to commend them on that I didn't have to chase them down for that refund.


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        Mine came through DHL. Of course, Digital River sent it to my old mailing address, even though I gave them my updated mailing information 2 months ago on the phone. So it ended up being held for four days at the DHL warehouse in Toronto. Fortunately I was able to track it down on Sunday, and it is now on display across from me on my kitchen table.
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          I'm an MOC Collector and it hurt to see how dinged the package was. I'm really big on Grading stuff so I was pretty disappointed by the way the mail guys handled my Castle Grayskull.


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            Need something to sit it on?



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              This thing makes me wish there was a KO line like in the good ol' days.
              Sure, it's an awesome looking playset, but the overblown price just jolts my common sense spelling out "It's essentially a big plastic box. A pretty looking plastic box, but a plastic box nonetheless.".
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                Got mine some days ago. This is my most recent setup:


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                My Grayskull set up as of right now:

                I still want to get some flying guys in the air like Buzz-Off, Stratos ect ect but I am running out of room.
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                • melmoth666
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                  I love it! ****Warning, I may steal some of it for my set up...I am building it over the holiday******

                • Amon
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                  Thanks Guys!
                  Lil'Eternian- Punisher is my fave comic book. Try to get everything I can Punisher wise.
                  melmoth666- Want to see ur setup when it is done!

                • JimPansen
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                  That looks epic!

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                Castle Grayskull is freakin' AMAZING. I've collected toys for years and nothing has made me feel like a kid again like this has.


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                  This Castle Grayskull is on my bucket list!!! I just cant afford it right now but man am I ever drooling at all these pics of it.


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                    My castle is already on Barcelona, i paid 330 euros and now DHL told me that i have to pay 170 Euros for aduanas.......... so 500 euros for the broke.....


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                      I preordered, then bought the Castle of Power. Then I modified the CoP. Now it is too big to fit through a door. Now I have to buy a Matty castle so I can play in other places than my front room.

                      First world problems, yo.
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                      • melmoth666
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                        Did you sculpt the filmation backbone and archway?

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                      Castle Grayskull has really transformed the way I view my collection. I almost didn't get one, but now that I have it I would happily sell 4/5 of my collection rather than the castle. It's not perfect but it's still incredible.

                      Things I love about it:
                      • Overall sculpt color choices (I was surprised they didn't go darker like jet sled)
                      • Inclusion of ledge
                      • a real third floor
                      • the pawn on top
                      • vintage playset style face sculpt
                      • jaw bridge mechanism
                      • secret doors
                      • design of flags
                      • box art, including drawings of product in red and product photos

                      Things I'd change:
                      • Get rid of dungeon
                      • make trap door rectangular
                      • no slot for wind raider stand
                      • Include triangular weapons rack
                      • Sculpted dungeon grate
                      • make front grayskull face just a bit bigger so it encroaches on towers
                      • Get rid of the offensively bad bio, replace with: "Fortress of mystery and power." Full stop.
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                        Yeah, the Castle could be bigger, but the size doesn't bother me at all.
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                          I was apprehensive about the cost. But it ended up being £255 to the UK including shipping and customs. I saw one sell on eBay the other day for £330 before shipping so that made me feel a bit better. But I love it anyway, even if it's a lot more expensive than my Hot Toys and Masterpiece Transformers.


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                            I love the Castle, as a display piece on my desk it's intimidating for sure. However, I would've loved to see it's color a little darker with a dark wash between the stones.


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                              I honestly love the Castle. It did cause a headache for me at first but since I didn't pay for it I can't complain. One of the best Christmas gifts I ever received.
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                                I ordered through Matty and then had mine shipped to my home in the US, and then shipped it to my home here in Spain with a few of the custom add-ons people have been offering last week. It will end up being cheaper than ordering it through Matty's EU site by almost US$150+ when all is said and done, after s/h, customs charges, etc. The markup for EU customers for Grayskull is just over the top, almost triple what it actually costs via USPS and double what DHL charge.
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                                  I wonder if the artwork was a rush job for Rudy. Overall, from a distance it's impressive, but there are several problems with anatomy - MAA's right leg especially, but also Evil-Lyn and Mer-Man look off. Also the side of the Castle is off-model.

                                  I actually prefer the artwork from the Icon Heroes Grayskull.
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                                  • Pinch
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                                    I liked the art on the Icon Heroes art better as well. I just saw the art for the Filmation walk up & base. I wiah it was all illustrated. The castle is an actual picture of out poly stone CG. I think Nate said he had a very small window to get this done. But he did assure us the Snake Mt box will be fully illustrated.

                                  • Mechanizor
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                                    Yup, it looks it was rushed by Mr. Obrero, especially the perspective, it's a little off! Besides the problems you've mentioned, if you look at the face of skull of the castle, the left half side is a little larger than the right side, and it should've been the opposite!

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                                  Very glad I bought a classics CG. My collection wouldn't be complete w/o it for sure. Plus my kids really enjoy it. And the price wasn't bad for me at all....$260 shipped. So can't complain when I see people paying over 3 bills for it. I do agree with Battle Ram Man in that I prefer the Icon Heroes art more. I am glad Rudy did the art for the Classics CG. I would have preferred a more vintage feel for the entire piece.


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                                    I ended up getting a couple of castles. One for myself and one as a Christmas gift for my niece and nephew. Suffice to say, they absolutely love the Castle and it turned out to be among their favorite Christmas gifts this year. I consider it a good thing if they're still playing with it a month after receiving it.

                                    I also enjoyed the Castle, but I do have some minor nitpicks with it, with the biggest one of them being the lack of floor space in front of the throne. The missing monster grate doesn't really bother me, though the dungeon is just a little bit too small. I'd prefer if they had cut out the dungeon and just given us the torture table instead.
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                                      My castle still remains in its box. I need to carve a space out that is just right for it, something this grand deserves prime display space!


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                                        Another amazing pearl from Lieguru:

                                        Who knows what the future will bring but their is defiantly no full playset (ie Snake Mt) in 2015. We will start planning 2016 after Sdcc, if a SM was coming it would already need to be in the works. (And it is not)

                                        Essentially Grayskull DOUBLED the work load of all involved and it did not double the revenue (or the teams salaries!). They team made Grayskull out of pure love, but it is hard to ask the hard working team to do that again (double their work load).

                                        Additionally, a large chunk of presale customers who "committed" to purchasing a castle never did (which is why it is still on sale, the "day of" production sold out in two hours). We simply can't take that inventory risk again when so many fans did not hold up their end of the presale bargin. If they had, SM would be a lot more realistic. Unfortunately, too many presale customers never came through despite numerious emails and phone calls to update their payment info.

                                        If presale customers who have still not claimed their castle will please contact CS and complete their purchase, we will honor the original sale price of 250.00. If all these
                                        Customers can come forward and claim/pay for their castle we can start looking into the possibility of a Snake Mountain! We sure would love to.

                                        It is up to you presale customers! Claim your castle and help make snake mountain a possibility!
                                        Somebody put a sock in this guy!

                                        How about if you guys at Mattel did commit to deliver what you promised in the first place! Remember the downsizing? How about that dungeon "sticker" from the blueprints??? If you had any sense of decency maybe you wouldn't have the need to allow people to cancel their pre-orders huh? It's getting really old that everytime something bad happens the costumers are to blame...
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                                          Digital River cancelled one of my preorders. I'm glad I made 2 different preorders, because I got at least one Castle Geayskull. Don't blame the customers. Blame digital river!

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                                        Blaming customers again for their mistakes? Does this guy have any sense of scruples at all?

                                        OF COURSE people canceled en masse, because you BROKE YOUR PROMISE FIRST and delivered a flawed and inferior product. No one asked for that stupid hole in the floor, that was your stupid idea to sell more Wind Raiders. No one asked for the CG to be shrunk down. No one asked for stickers after being promised every thing would be a painted deco or sculpt.

                                        And no he will "honor" the original sale price, after price gouging day of buyers at $300?! How about drop the price to $150 to reflect the actual value, then you might sell a few more.

                                        And anyone notice that he is now holding Snake Mountain RANSOM based on the overstock being sold?!?!?! Basically all the fools on the ORG will have to get together and organize to buy these out like they have for other over produced product... like that dude that bought 35 subs one year. Good grief. How gullible can you get?

                                        And "team salaries"... are you kidding me? The only ones who deserve to be on payroll are the 4H. It ends there. What does Scott "Snake Oil" Nutlick get paid for, spreading lies and trolling fans? Did Reuben make more salary based on how fat the armor was? Christ this guy is a delusional sack of garbage.
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                                        • Mechanizor
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                                          ^ This... TG is simply an a-hole.

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