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2015: Get ready for a price hike!

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  • 2015: Get ready for a price hike!

    Toyguru's recent explanation for the lack of paint applications on figures after raising prices in 2014, and more bad news on yearly price hikes begining in 2015:

    2. Jun-Yor: Why are the 2014 figures already losing paint applications, like Two Bad's armor and shield? Wasn't that the point of the price increase?

    Essentially you are getting 2014 figures at the 2013 price and costs have risen out of our control once again.

    We took a big price increase in 2013 to catch up to rising costs from 2010-2012. We had hoped that price increase would hold to the cost to produce these figures for two years, and we know fans are noting one of the reasons for the price increase was to avoid "cost reducing" figures. Essentially, the real world x-factor was that costs to produce these figures are rising faster than we can raise prices (as we also promised there would be no price increase in 2014).

    So a bit of a double edged sword in 2014. We can't raise prices, but costs are going up too quickly and to not cost reduce the more expensive figures. While the price increase we took in 2013 we had hoped would hold for two years. It did not. It only held for about 12 months, so by the time we got to 2014, we were once again at a point where the costs were outpacing the sales price (due to the promise not to raise prices in 2014).

    Additionally, not every figure will need to lose some deco or accessories to hit cost. Two Bad and Blade for example have a ton of deco on their armor and bodies. They are more an exception then a rule Not every figure will have this in 2014 so this isn't something to expect for every figure in 2014. But we do need to bring figures down to sale price and as production costs continue to rise beyond our control or what we estimated back in 2012, we will need to counter that with product design changes.

    Going forward, as a permanent solution, we will now raise prices every year starting in 2015 so we are no longer in any year selling toys at a previous year's price.
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    I don't buy it for a second. I'm sure its just a decision that a higher profit margin is required.
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      So, I'm going to assume that the new price per average figure will go up to $26 for sub holders and $28 for pickers? Since the line started, the figures have been going up about a dollar a year, so if it goes up another dollar for 2015 it wont bother me and is actually expected. Now if they go up more than a dollar, it will be just another thing for me to rag on Neitlich about. I really don't believe that costs are rising beyond their control. I believe it's just price gouging for more profit.


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        This puts the 2015 line a bit more into jeopardy... I really hope that a maximum of our favorite characters will be released this year...


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          Anything more than $1 is outrageous. I can swallow a buck, but not anymore than that.
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          • GREP-A-TOR
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            I am sure you could if you put your mind to it, giggity.

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          The price hike doesn't bother me so much. What bothers me is that he is using the rising costs excuse because he doesn't want to improve the paint apps. So every year now, we will pay a buck more but get less for that extra buck. In the old days, people called that getting ripped off.
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          • Anti-Guru
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            ^This... You can definitely count on accessories and deco to be reduced moving forward.

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          I am perfectly OK with this - but only because I have finally decided this is my last year of collecting the line.



          2014 is my last year collecting MOTUC.

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            Maybe if they found a way to either reduce the tax and DEFINITELY do something with that shipping price maybe the damage wouldn't be so bad. I mean the price of shipping is RIDICULOUS and the stuff takes up to two weeks to get here (in my area) when some have sent me stuff in less than a week for less the cost.


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              Adding the cost for shipping and they are dangerously on that edge of over pricing themselves out of customers. I do not buy into they have to cut paint apps, etc. for any other reason other than profit margin. Yes, they are only in it to make money....but they could take a smaller profit margin on certain figures, keeping the customer base happy by not losing paint apps, and make up for it on figures like Nepthu. This is the last year for me as a subscriber, but I hope the best for everyone who sticks with the line


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                Neitlich has been saying this BS on and on for the last 2-3 years now, and he clearly doesn't mention the whole story, it's all about keeping the profit margins as high as possible. Yet, we end up with less accessories or paint applications at least on half of the figures!
                Can't they at least offer reasonable shipping prices as a compromise?! Of course NOT!

                This jerk is really forcing me to not sub anymore and become a cheery picker for the first time since the inception of this ******** line.


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                  The fact that they raise the price doesn't bother me. It sucks, but I can handle it. It's the dishonest explanation that gets me.

                  It's been mentioned a couple times over the years that Mattel has global initiatives that they apply to all of their brands, year by year. This means, the same rules or goals are applied to all brands, lines, departments, etc.

                  For example, this is why the toys need to pass specific rigid toy safety laws, regardless if they're "adult collector" or not, they have a global rule they follow that says the company won't produce toys that will harm young children, regardless of the market they're aimed at. Or why in 2014 the MOTUC mailer box is suddenly eco-friendly, which is pretty clearly based on their PR statements about becoming a more eco-friendly company across the board, all lines. I remember when I was a stockholder, and followed the corporate news side more, they had a pretty clear focus of a specific percentage of growth in sales that they applied to all brands worldwide one year. Meaning, they required all brands to make X amount of an increase in sales, regardless of toy product they were selling. Another year it was an intense focus on child safety across the board.

                  So rather than tell us how "materials are going up" or whatever else bullshit excuse it is next week, they should simply share what these initiatives are. I am sure this year's is profit margin (or, how much they make per piece sold vs. how much it costs to produce) because they had a big (for them) dip in profits one quarter last year. I can understand if the price needs to go up... I can't understand being dishonest with the reasons though. I don't see any other manufacturer saying there's a jump in costs...

                  Fans keep their promise by subbing blindly every year. Mattel and Scott should keep their promises, and continue to provide consistent quality in the product, instead of promising one thing, then waiting for the customer base to forget and changing the deal behind their backs.

                  The fact they didn't mention this (to my knowledge) at TFNY at all and then stick it in a Q&A answer,speaks volumes.
                  “What is freedom of expression? Without the freedom to offend, it ceases to exist."― Salman Rushdie


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                    • Widukind
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                      Yes, winning more money again... This guy's greed is infinite. But you know LIEguru will still claim that this line is such a tiny project making small profits etc. And you know that the sheeple will still believe him. If it was such a tiny line making such small profits, Matty would have pulled the plug a long time ago, believe me !

                    • Mechanizor
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                      I almost punched my screen!
                      If they ever make a Crackers the Clown figure, Neitlich's head should be included as a second head to guarantee sales.

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                      That's an old picture of Trollguru. Can I steal this picture too?

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