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How much would you pay for Spirit of Grayskull?

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  • How much would you pay for Spirit of Grayskull?

    Just curious how much people would actually spend on a single figure. Yeah it's rare, but it's just a single figure!

    I'd go as high as $500 and that's it.
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      I wouldn't buy it at all.
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        It's a single modern figure, that will only really fall in price as time goes on, like Bronze Grayskull. People lose interest and the value sinks accordingly. Modern toys simply don't hold their value as a rule, and once that toy line ends, it's usually a ten year period or more for toys to gain enough interest to regain their popularity and thus value, if ever. I view anything over $500 toy wise to be an investment. I can clearly see a big, big price crash on MOTUC coming in the near future, especially if they do 2.0 figures. I've been collecting since the early/mid 90's and seen this pattern happen hundreds of times before.

        I keep hearing different numbers on how many Spirit figures were made. First it was two, then five, ten, then twenty, then fifty or more. There have been a few fakes reported over the years. There was even a guy offering some good resin copies of it, in the same position as he is inside the box. So I have a feeling Mattel probably really made about 50 of them or less. It seems that Mattel employees were either taking them home or given them as gifts. If there was only twenty made, then how feasible is it that these twenty have been passed around for sale online as many times as they have? This is why I never got too excited about this figure, because who knows how many were actually made, there's a big difference in value and rarity if there's fifty rather than five.

        I guess it all depends on what it's worth to you. Personally I wouldn't want one, but I'd pay $200 for a bronze grayskull. I'd be more interested in a MOSC vintage stuff in that type of range. I'd go with Draego-Man on the $500 number, tops, as there is no real believable count as to how many were produced.

        If I wanted one, I would probably be only interested in the actual two that were auctioned off in 2008 and be very vigilant in my research to make sure it's actually those specific two figures. I'm not so much interested in ones like the one up for sale this week, as it could be a fake, and thousands of dollars is a lot of money to put out there on a possible fake. Not to challenge the running auction's seller, because it looks pretty legit to me... but I usually stay away from eBay sellers offering designer clothes, shoes, sunglasses, etc. as well as other items, as there is a deep culture on that site for selling fake designer goods; plus everything else he's offering toy wise is pretty pedestrian and easy to get.

        If someone has any real numbers or information about how many were actually, really, produced, that would be great.
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          We already have 2 Grayskull figures. I don't need a 3rd or a 4th one.
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            Nothing. You'd need to pay me for having a cheap-ass mono-chromatic figure wasting space in my collection.
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              I wouldn't be interested, but I'd love something that looked like the spirit of Grayskull from the early minicomics (basically a floating ghostly skull thingy - maybe it could be a translucent backdrop type item)
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                There's one on eBay right now, looks real. Bids start at $2000


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                  Probably $40, I love clear figures.
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                    12,50€ shipping included!


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                      I would pay the same amount that I paid for Spirit of Hordak.
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                        He is selling a Bronze Grayskull for $329 as well. How much is the going rate on these Bronze figure? I'm in the market for one, but $329 seems a bit high. Any advice?
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                        • _RZ_
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                          $200-300 MISB is a pretty fair price I think. Maybe a little more if the box for it was super mint.

                        • Draego-Man
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                          Ok, thanks.

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                        $25 plus the tax Mattel charges and the insane shipping prices that DR charges.


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