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What will you do in 2015 if Mattel announces ...?

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  • What will you do in 2015 if Mattel announces ...?

    Picture this. SDCC 2015. Matty Palooza. People are gathered to find out the last 3 figures for the year. Because let's face it, everyone knows it's over coz Tung Lashor was the August figure, and he's the last of the vintage Motu figure to be released. Troll guru comes on and announces the last 3 figures of the year that nobody cares too much about. Kayo, Twigget number 2 and Huntara. Then He drops he bombshell. Mattel has got the movie rights. Mattel will start inserting those characters into a new 12+ figures sub for 2016. He shows off Karg and God Skeletor, along with Sagitarr from New Adventures and Prince Dakon from the minicomics. What will you do? Will you subscribe? Or will you feel cheated out of the end of the line?
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    I continue to be the Cherry-picker I envision myself becoming next year. With Two-Bad, NA Skele, Rio, Extendor and the POP mini sub, my must haves have been covered and I'm not doing the blind support thing anymore. 4 years of subbing has been 1 to many for me. They have never been the all inclusive experience we were sold on.


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      I wasn't paying attention because I quit at the end of 2014. WOOOOOOOO!
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      • Jsting
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        Im with this guy!

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      As a kid I was massively disappointed by the movie because they changed the appearance of so many characters. I still have no attachment to it and wouldn't be interested in any movie figures.
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        I have zero-interest in Son of He-Man, but the 1987 movie figures would be huge incentive for me to buy a sub.
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          I know TG will do something crazy for 2016. What it is I haven't figured it out yet. He will probably want MotUC and matty to continue in some fashion so that he can keep his job. (I know, I know, if he has done a better job to date, the line will prolly continue into 2016, but the past is the past...)
          “Censorship always defeats it own purpose, for it creates in the end the kind of society that is incapable of exercising real discretion." ― Henry Steele Commager


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            I would happily subscribe. I don't get the "I just want this line to end" comment. Just stop buying them? I don't understand why that's not an option, and the only solution is "If I don't want something, then nobody should have anything." I find it terribly confusing.

            I really ENJOY collecting this line. It's not a chore for me. I love the characters, the colors, and the mythos. I can ignore stupid bio names. What matters is what I think about them when they look AWESOME on my shelf. I enjoy getting a figure or two (or more!) every month. I look forward to it. I don't understand continuing to spend time and money on something that's making one so miserable. If it's that much of a pain in the ass, I would quit. ???


            • Legioncub
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              I would prefer for Mattel to go back and revisit some of the older characters that needed improvements before the line ends or we start seeing Son of He-Man, movie rights, or random goof characters like Chef Allen. A Teela 2.0, He-Man 2.0 that can hold his sword properly, non-exploding Green Goddess, etc. If that was shown they could get me to come back as a subscriber.

            • Kevenn
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              I think re-visitng some of the characters is a good idea - especially Teela, when there ar a lot of people who need her, and she never got a re-release. I got two of her original release, but I would support a Teela 2.0 - especially if she was more Flimation influenced.

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            I'll do my best to cherry pick only the desirable figures.


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              No interest in Z list NA, PoP or shitty SoHM crap.
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                It would be a move I expect of TG. Not like it would bug me. I will not be happy with this line ending until all fans have their childhood favorites in their hands and I will probably be the last one to have that happen.
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                  I don't think movie figures could help or save a 2016.

                  A mini sub? yes. I think that would be huge.

                  Would I get a 2016 sub? At this point no.


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                    The idea of Chef Alan getting a figure is utterly hilarious, as it would mean Neitlich acknowledging a key Filmation staff member (namely Alan Oppenheimer, who voiced an for all intents appears to have been the inspiration for the character's name).
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                    • GarrettCRW
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                      While it's true that Chef Alan is on nobody's priority list, the presence of an actual character from an actual good segment of the He-Man is far less of a travesty than what Neitlich has planned.

                      Besides, Chef Alan would require an entirely new mold, and you just know that Mattel won't spring for that.

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