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Modulok reviewed at ThEpic Review

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  • Modulok reviewed at ThEpic Review

    Hey everyone!

    I had tucked this review of Modulok in the arrival thread, but Capt. Atkin asked if I'd give each review it's own thread. Anyways, here is my review of Modulok. Surprisingly, Modulok was not one of my favorite vintage characters by a long shot. I was one of those folks who had originally suggested that Modulok didn't even need his modular feature replicated in MOTUC (of course, that was back when QC issues were a regular problem). I'm glad to be proven wrong as Modulok is hands down one of the best figures in the line so far. Check him out and leave me a comment as to what you think about this guy!

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    Great review! I am loving my Modulok figure. Just wish I had bought two!
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      Great review of a great toy. The only minor gripe I have with my Modulok is the floppy weapon. We requested time and time again for Matty NOT to do this anymore, but they're still doing it ! Probably in spite and just tot aggravate fans...


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        LOL... yeah his gun is most definitely floppy.


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          The floppy gun and the sloppy, asymmetrical pelvis. I accept him being a bit slimmer than I envisioned now that I see how he was portrayed outside of Filmation, but those two issues irritate me.
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