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How would you fill out the next two years?

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  • How would you fill out the next two years?

    Mattel's management has heard the cry of the fans and Scott's been told to get his act together. To do this he turns to you to fill out the end of this year and next year. Feel free to include another mini-sub next year if you want. The only condition is that you can't change any figure that's already been revealed or hinted at. So let's see you picks. 2014: SDCC Rotar and Twistoid 2 pack, Club Etheria Perfuma, Mermista, Club Eternia Tung Lashor, Gwildor, Blast Attack ($35 quarter spot to cover blast effect) MOTU head pack (end of year contains Buzz Off, Clawful, Roboto, Sy-Klone, Alcala He-Man, ect). 2015: SDCC FF He-Man and TC Skeletor 2 pack, Eternia Saurod, Ninjor, Sssqueeze, Flutterina, Peekablue, Angella, Spinnarela, Kayo, Dare, Mara, Lizard Man, Great Black Wizard, Quarterly Stridor, Nightstalker, Multibot, Sagitar, Year End Son of Skeletor Sub Exclusive Lord Masque. 200x/Mini comic mini-sub Mask of Power Demons, Evil Seed, Snake Armor He-Man, Pravus, Hawke a Sub exclusive Veena. I'd also run a most wanted add on with Fisto, Sorceress, Green Goddess 2.0, Horde Toopers, Whiplash, He-Man 2.0, Teela and Beast Man. Traveling con Uncle Montork and Dree-Elle Yes I know I didn't finish the vintage variants off but to me they're not a primary concern. I also finished the main players from SOH even though I'm not a fan just because I needed to finish what was started. I'm looking forward to seeing your lists.

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    Let's see... King Hoss slave girl, tug of war guy in yellow, NA scientists, twiggets, josh, lubic, Kevin & Julie, songster, prototype characters, son of he-man characters including skeleteen. I might have missed a few
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      Get the rights to do a movie sub, and finish the New Adventures line.
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