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Pixel-Dan's review: Mega-Construx MOTU Faker, Teela and Beastman mini figures.

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  • Pixel-Dan's review: Mega-Construx MOTU Faker, Teela and Beastman mini figures.

    A quick review of these guys:

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    I have He-man and Skeletor from wave 1, but there’s been no sign of any other wave since then up here in Canada . I’d love to own all these little guys, but I refuse to resort to scalper prices. As much as I like these mini figures, no way I can justify $25+ Canadian from eBay when the first two figures I got were only $5 each.

    With PD only recently getting these, is distribution really that bad on these even in the States? If so, that seems like a new low even for Mattel.


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      I'm a big fan of these little MOTU figures. I haven't seen them in Canada yet, but I will probably end up getting them from Amazon.
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        I got all except Faker from eBay, online is pretty much my only option here when it comes to the MOTU stuff... I know S7 isn't far away from where I live, but they don't carry this stuff as far as I know. I haven't checked other local toy or other comic books stores in the vicinity if they carry this stuff, but I have a feeling that they don't even know what MOTU is or even if it exists!

        So eBay probably is the cheapest route sometimes considering saving money on gas, parking or even public transportation.


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          BTW, I just found Faker reasonably priced on eBay and got him, hopefully he'll come in a nice condition.

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