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Are there more MOTU Mega Construx items coming?

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  • Are there more MOTU Mega Construx items coming?

    I’m hoping more vehicles in this line will still be made. I haven’t seen anything at retail since the release of the Roton.

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    No idea, but I think if we don’t hear or see anything by this summer during or after SDCC, I think the line might be done for or on hiatus for a while.

    It doesn’t seem like Mattel cares much for MEGA in general…


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      Well, here is a rumor that was posted at the other forum which was taken from the FB MCX's page, I'd say don't get too excited, because it might be just a made up rumor:

      The Admin of the Mega Construx Masters Of The Universe posted this today over on Facebook:

      Hey, fellow Masters! Your admin comes to you today with some exciting news given to me by an "inside source" that wishes to not only remain anonymous but has sworn me to not show any pictures. Since I am a man of my word, I will not be posting pics or naming names... but you won't care when you hear the news. Lol
      I have good news: by the end of the year, everyone will have their shot at owning the elusive Ninjor and Buzz-Off figures we have all been chasing after! They will be two figure of four in one of the newest upcoming Mega MOTU releases, joined by a battle damaged Battle Armor He-Man and a purple-toned Webstor with orange gun! The set they will be coming with, you ask?? Let's just say they will be packed in with the first of three separate tower builds... 😉
      This first set is to be released in the second half of 2023, so get ready! Price is still undetermined but I have my own suspicions that it might go for somewhere around $100.
      Finally, we all have not only some great news but something to get excited for and talk about!
      Cheers to the best group on Facebook! ⚡️

      And some posts from the comments:

      It's a larger set that's about as tall as Grayskull or SM, comes with four figures, and has a vehicle! Attack Trak!

      I saw the box art and photo of the build and figs in the corner of it.

      The beauty of what I saw was that the tower set itself isn't huge and probably no taller than Grayskull or SM in height, so with four figures and not very huge it should still remain affordable.​


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        Not sure how long it’s been available, but I just noticed that Mega Construx Snake Mountain is available on and is currently on sale for $347.36. Regular price is $429.99


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