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  • Masters of the WWE Universe

    These are 5.5-inch WWE wrestlers with attire inspired by characters from Masters of the Universe (MOTU). The packaging is very similar to the vintage 1980's MOTU line. You can take them apart and mix-and-match to create your own custom figures! Mattel will be releasing a similar line of MOTU figures called Masters of the Universe: Origins this Fall, featuring vintage 1980's MOTU designs, that will be interchangeable with these WWE figures!

    Each figure is packaged with a mini comic styled after the vintage Masters of the Universe mini comics, depicting a story specific to the character.

    The Masters of the WWE Universe (MOTWU) figures are Walmart exclusives. The website lists them for $35 each but the stores sell them for $14.92 each. Wave 1 is arriving in stores now, with at least two other waves in the works. Announced so far are the following:

    Wave 1: HHH, Sting, John Cena (as He-Man), Finn Balor, Ultimate Warrior, Grayskull Mania Bundle (Ring, HHH variant, Cena variant), and Grayskull Ring.
    Waves 2 and 3: Undertaker, Rey Mysterio, Macho Man, Braun Strowman, New Day, Roman Reigns, The Rock, John Cena (as Faker).

    You can find more info and discussion, including a TV commercial for these toys, here:

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    I really like the Scare-glow inspired figure! Would work well for a Karak Nul figure.
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