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Posted by hlinhk128:
Leaks from the German Toy Fair Closed Door set up. No pics so far, just descriptions.

• Wave 1: He-Man, Man-At-Arms, Skeletor, Beast Man
• Wave 2: Teela, Evil Lyn, Orko
• Wave 3: Scareglow, Man-E-Faces, Mer Man
• Wave 4: Trap Jaw, Stratos, Tri-Klops, Stinkor
• Wave 5: Webstor, Fisto, Moss Man, Roboto
• Wave 6: Jitsu, Battle Armour He-Man, Buzz Off, Clawful
• Mail Away Faker

• Battle Cat
• Sky Sled w/ Prince Adam
• Panthor with fur
• Wind Raider
• Battle Ram
• Zodac on silver floating chair platform.

Shoppe Exclusives:
• 2 pack of Beast Man and Mer-Man. Like He-Man 2 pack they have a vintage toy head and new toy head. 4 hands and more weapons. Yellow trident and wooden axe plus normal weapons. Merman head looks like old mini comic.
• Teela and Man At Arms 2 pack. Teela has Blond hair head and vintage head, sword and spear and shield. 4 hands on each. Man-At-Arms has vintage toy head and new toy head. Brown cape, mace, sword and gun. Man-At-Arms looks like more paint on him.

Boxes are window style like Battle Cat with art on top

• Convention Exclsive: Skeletor Keldor 2 pack. Has open comic like last years set. Skeletor looks painted differently and has vintage toy head, 6 hands and different sword with power sword. Keldor has purple cloth vest, sword and cape with bone harness and extra hands.

• Castle Grayskull under consideration. Looks like the Classics one but with old paint job with black on the face. Less items included.
Aside from the Con Exclusive and the mail away Faker figure, I believe it's a good and strong start. I can't wait to have them all in my collection.