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MOTUO Battlefield Warriors video review by fanboysforever.

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  • MOTUO Battlefield Warriors video review by fanboysforever.

    Another YT review of this awesome Target exclusive Origins set by fanboysforever:

    Still I've been unlucky to score one!

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    I finally was able to score two copies of this set from Target's website at MSRP without overpaying, and I just received them today! However both were poorly packed and the carded parts were badly bent!
    I'm opening one, and keeping the other one MOC!


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      I just opened up one these this evening, and the new BA He-Man figure is better than what I've expected in every way to be honest, even the mechanism on his battle damaged drum was smoother to operate than the previous deluxe version. The new color on the Battle Cat's armor simply pops and shinier, and looks closer to the art work itself, and combines really well with HM's chromed armor!
      The critters and diorama landscape piece just complete the exotic experience.

      I recommend getting one these if you have the chance...


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        Unfortunately the hefty price tag of this set in Canada ($64.97) is preventing all Walmarts from carrying this item. Since I live in a tiny one horse town, my Walmart as well as the Walmarts not in Ottawa aren’t carrying this set.
        I really like the battle cry head with wind swept hair. Makes me think of the old box art with He-man ready to swing his battle axe while on top of Battle Cat.
        I also want the based with the two little gargoyles.
        As much as I like the improved paints on the Battle Cat armour and the vac metal He-man armour, I’m not sure I can really justify paying full price for this.
        On sale? Sure. But to spend $65 plus taxes AND have to drive in to Ottawa (2 hour round trip) for a base, two gargoyles, and a head just isn’t in my budget.
        It’s times like this when I curse at just how useless is up here. The chance of finding stuff in stock on that shitty website is next to nil. So frustrating


        • Croc-O-Bite!
          Croc-O-Bite! commented
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          Walmart Canada’s app must be different than yours in the States. There’s no option to get notifications for stuff coming back in to stock. The only notification options are for orders you’ve already made.
          Yet another reason why collecting in Canada is so god dammed frustrating. South Park had it right, Canada sucks!

        • Croc-O-Bite!
          Croc-O-Bite! commented
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          My mistake, there is one notification option that isn’t tied to an existing order…
          You can get a notification on one of your favourites if the price drops, but that’s it. No telling you it’s back in stock so you can actually buy it. WTF…

        • Mechanizor
          Mechanizor commented
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          To be fair, I haven’t used the Walmart app here yet, but some people online have recommended it. I’ve used their website notification email feature when I got my Grayskulls months ago, and it worked.

          Target’s app here worked for me and I can attest to that.

          Canada doesn’t suck, probably only collecting American toys in Canada suck! ;-)

          Do you have problems collecting none American based toys in your country? Just curious…
          Last edited by Mechanizor; 10-09-2021, 05:25 AM.

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        Croc, I'd keep checking different outlets if I were you. When they first started showing up on Mercari most were selling at $90 plus shipping and now I see them at $55-60 plus shipping.
        (I hope I don't get in trouble for posting that outside of the marketplace lol)
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