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Pixel-Dan's review: MOTUO Mosquitor.

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  • Pixel-Dan's review: MOTUO Mosquitor.

    Finally Dan reviews his favorite MOTU character but this time from the Origins line:

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    I just got the Origins Mosquitor figure @ retail. Glad I was able to find this in stores, especially given that it's going for expensive after-market prices online. Excellent toy! I'm really digging this, and it brings back a lot of nostalgic memories of the original. The alternate head is fantastic; I like the strange "textured" version, as well as the regular smooth version. This is definitely my favorite Deluxe Origins figure.

    I really like this review. Prior to seeing this, I didn't know that the space on the figure's chest (with the blood-pumping feature) was larger in the Vintage version. However, that doesn't bother me - I still prefer this Origins version to the original.

    It's also worth noting that I've noticed these Deluxe figures (Buzz-saw Hordak, Mosquitor, Ram Man, Battle Armor He-man & Skeletor, etc.) are now slightly easier to find in retail stores than some (not all) of the regular non-Deluxe Origins figures. I suspect this is because the Deluxe figures are more expensive & as such people just looking for toys as gifts/more casual collectors - may just pass on them. Just a theory, however.


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