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Eternia Playset and "Camo Khan" exclusive figure (prelude to SDCC?)

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  • Eternia Playset and "Camo Khan" exclusive figure (prelude to SDCC?)

    Just saw this pop up on mattel creations:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Mobile_v01_PLAYSET.jpg?v=1658357295.jpg
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    "Camo Khan"

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Desktop_v01_ChamoKhan.jpg?v=1658357592.jpg
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    This photo was leaked as well:
    Click image for larger version

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    You can see what appears to be some type of Rattlor variant in blue with what appears to be a cobra hood maybe? Some kind of white and green figure, maybe one of those slime skeleton warriors from the Slime Pit that's been teased on box packaging?

    Rumors say Eternia will be crowdfunded right now. There's a countdown on the page where we'll probably get concrete information.

    Not thrilled about another exclusive though.
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    I'm intrigued by the 40th anniversary four pack and the green snake with the Rattlor neck.


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      I ended up surfing the interwebs and landed on toyark's website for preview night photo reveals.


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        Yeah, I saw the news broke a couple of hours ago but I was too busy to post about it, anyhow here is Pixel Dan's video from SDCC 22:


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          Amazing news about the Origins Eternia set. I'm sure this has to be an online-only exclusive of sorts. There is no way that would be sold in a regular retail store. The cost would almost certainly be close to $600, especially if it features electronics - similar to the original. It looks great, but I have neither the $ or the room/space for something this large. That being said, I'm glad this is coming out for those who can afford the expense/have the room/space to display this.

          I also wonder why this was announced before an Origins Snake Mountain. The SM is the more iconic & affordable set. So, hopefully we will be getting this at some point.


          • Mechanizor
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            Come on, it's a playset from Mattel, not an "ultimate" overpriced item by Super7!... I don't think it's gonna be cheap, but asking for 1K is like asking the fans to go and shove one up!

          • man-e-faces
            man-e-faces commented
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            OK, you're probably right. I've gone back & edited my post. However, my opinion is that this will cost at least $600+, especially if it has electronics similar to the original. I may be wrong about this. We'll see.

          • Mechanizor
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            Even if it has electronics, they’re very cheap to produce like any battery operated cheap toy around. And if Mattel asks 600-1000 for it, I might just quit the line all together. The only exception I’d make if it’s scaled to work with the MOTUC line…

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          Daniel has video up. An exclusive. I couldn't say no. I had to get it. Shipping and processing is a k*ller. And that was at the cheapest selection. My first Entertainment Earth purchase.


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            Originally posted by Mechanizor View Post
            Yeah, I saw the news broke a couple of hours ago but I was too busy to post about it, anyhow here is Pixel Dan's video from SDCC 22:

            Lots of interesting stuff in that video, even if I don't like the shill. I was never a fan of the Eternia playset. It was clearly just a gimmick to make the railway train thing. I might buy it because I'm a bit of a completionist and I expect the resale to be good as well, but it depends a great deal on the price point.

            I find it hard to get excited about any of this stuff though considering you can't even find the figures in stores.


            • Mechanizor
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              Aside from that "shill", I still think Eternia as a playset is amazing. A Railway gimmick? Probably, but most of the successful 80's toys (and there after) had some gimmicks of sort to make them attractive and enjoyable.

              However I totally get what you mean, and I'm "sort of a completionist" when it comes to the best parts of a toy line especially vehicles and playsets, and if I cannot get my hands on them for a reason or another, I feel my collection suffers from a big hole that I cannot ignore! So I must quit it and/or even get rid of it because I won't get a joy out of it. Just imagine owning a Ferrari or a Lambo without their engines, bad analogy perhaps but that's exactly how I'd feel.

              Missing on a figure like Wun-Dar is something that I can live with easily, but missing on Eternia, Snake Mountain or any main vehicle just doesn't work for me, not because of it's aftermarket value or whatnot, it's because the passion that I have towards these items will be missing or depleted.

              Finding these figures in stores is another problem, but sometimes paying a little extra online might fix those gaps while skipping on some meals just to balance the budget out as long as this trend doesn't keep occurring!... However if units get cancelled or get unproduced, there will be problems for me to consider.

              Toy collecting is certainly a double edge sword for me as an adult.... And to be frank, it hasn't been that fun!

            • Mathius
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              Well, as a child, I quickly dismissed any type of gimmick, particularly motorized ones after I realized two things: One, they broke easily, and Two, the mechanic usually limited articulation in some way. The railway was no exception. You had 3 towers that couldn't be too large because cost, so they didn't have a ton of playability, and if you decided to move them, the rail would be the weak link.

              And beyond that, I just thought the whole thing was poorly thought out. The name Eternia came from the cartoon and the mini-comics (I honestly don't recall which used it first, wasn't "Arcadia" a thing at one point?) and the playset didn't have anything even remotely resembling the aesthetic from the cartoon or the comic. Playing with Grayskull felt good because we had actual lore and visual media to go with it. Eternia just got a poorly thought out comic, and the central Lion theme didn't have any reason to be there and felt way too Thundercat.

              Then they were like "Oh, I guess we need somewhere for the train to go.. How about snake mountain and grayskull?" I assume in universe the train track was meant to be much longer, but it certainly didn't appear that way in the mini comic, and in what world do you put the tower of your enemy right next to you and connect it with a train? I feel like they could have connected one end of it to point Dread or something and had a better idea, there.

              If I remember right from the mini comics, the story line was that the towers just popped up because a century had passed or some such and it was another "He who controls the sword..." except this time it was the central tower. The only semi-interesting thing I remember is I think it allowed the Sorceress to use her powers outside Grayskull? I vaguely remember Clamp Champ, King Randor, Ninjor and Scareglow were involved.

              The whole thing just didn't interest me. Most of the later story lines didn't interest me. Some of the actual concepts looked cool, but didn't necessarily make sense (like the Snake Men. They look cool, but why so many snakes when every other figure was a diversified race.)

              I feel you on the money thing. I'm comfortable right now week to week, but I don't have a lot of play money right now, and if something expensive in my life were to break (like a furnace or my truck) there would probably be loans involved.

            • Mechanizor
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              You must have been a peculiar child and a smart one too!

              Me, and the little engineer in me, I was always curious with those electrical and mechanical moving parts, because I used to open them up and see how they work! LOL

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            Rumor has it from the SDCC's floor that the Eternia set is going to be around $500!

            Not sure if this info has any validity to it or not!... $500 is a lot of money still, and I don't know if you have to pay the full amount in advance or not, or if there is a payment plan available or any extra incentives added to the package!?


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              $500 for this large Eternia playset is significantly less than I thought it was going to cost - but is still very expensive. However, given the size of the playset & the electronic elements (presumably it would include those, like the original had) the price makes sense. And, if this does end up being the actual cost - I still say it's a lot less than I thought it would go for.

              Even though the playset looks great & is nostalgic (though I never had the original), I would rather put the money this would cost towards other MOTU playsets/figures/vehicles.


              • Mechanizor
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                Again, simple electronics with simple mechanism are very cheap components to produce. For example, you can find many RC toys out there cost around $10-$30.
                Usually the molds in this size cost the most, and the more details and articulated parts it has, the more it costs.
                The total size of Eternia is a bit deceiving to the eye because it's basically three different spread out parts/towers joined with a monorail system. It's the amount of plastic used, the amount of details it has, and the paint apps count the most.

                That said, if it's actually $500, that's still a lot of money for this particular toy line IMHO... If it's true, and there isn't a payment plan, I'm most likely out!

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              Here is a link to Toyshiz's instagram with a video of the MOTU panel from SDCC 22:


              Here is Pixel Dan's video:

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                Here is a summery of the panel from an Org member "chewymurphy":

                - No plans to release a retail 40th Skeletor from the Masterverse exclusive 2-pack

                -The Origins He-Man 4-pack will come this fall, they did not comment on if the other He-Mans (besides 200x) will get a retail release

                -Rise of the Snake Men Origins waves are coming with new box art, first wave is Rattlor, Snake Armor He-Man, Kobra Khan, and Bolt-Man (from Sun-Man)

                -Deluxe King Hsss shown and is coming next year

                -Mattel Creations Exclusive Camo Khan coming Fall

                -Mattel Creations Exclusove Grizzlor coming this Fall

                ***No retail release of Grizzlor is planned (super weird)

                -No info on Eternia except coming this Fall

                -Focus on MoTuesdays until October
                Also, the Skeleton Warriors shown in the diorama are gonna be Mattel Creations Exclusive, at least according to Pixel Dan.

                So basically we have to keep waiting until October 12th and keep checking MC every Tuesday from now on to see what happens with all the announcements including the playset Eternia!
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                  These Origins Snake Men figures look incredible!!! I had some of the original Vintage versions back in the day, but always felt that the sculpts & they way they handled the "action features", etc. could have been done better. And, these new figures are huge improvements on the originals - very nice.

                  My only complaint is that these will be impossible to find @ retail.

                  The Skeleton Warriors look incredible as well. However, I'm not even going to bother trying to get any Mattel Creations Exclusives - when I heard the issues others had in trying to acquire these. Forget it.

                  I'm still surprised that the Eternia playset is coming out before an Origins Snake Mountain playset (which hasn't even been announced yet). Odd & disappointing.


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                    Here is a very informative video from the brand manager himself by PD:

                    So much hope for a better experience in the future.


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