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Origins wave 9 in Canada

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  • Origins wave 9 in Canada

    Holy crap, I actually stumbled upon some wave 9 figures.
    Unfortunately the inevitable price increase has finally happened up here in Canada. Origins are no longer $14.97, but instead now cost $22.97 plus tax. This fact kept me from buying the 200x variants of He-man & Skeletor, but I couldn’t resist grabbing Mantenna.
    Origins have been nonexistent around these parts here for so long, if someone had told me the line had been canceled, I might have believed them before checking here….

    Now I’m off to go overspend on a deluxe Leech from somewhere Stateside, as I can’t imagine not tracking down the core 4 members of the Horde (if I ever see an eventual Grizzlor that is. Already given up on a Mosquitor, as I don’t see myself overspending on him. He’s not an original member, and the fact he’s Pixel Dan’s favourite character taints the figure IMO…. Luckily I already have a Hordak.)

    …..anyone want to place bets on how long the next drought will be before I see another Origins figure newer than the first Mer Man that is still clogging up shelves at full price?

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    Glad to hear that you found some of the Origins Wave 9 figures. Congrats! I know that, in general, it's a lot more challenging & expensive to collect these toys outside of the U.S. due to greater difficulty getting/finding the figures, higher costs, etc. The cost increase doesn't surprise me at all, unfortunately. Everything across the board is going up in price (housing, cars, food, etc.), so toys/collectibles costing more money is par for the course.

    Still haven't seen Mantenna at a brick & mortar store yet (U.S.), so will probably have to get this online. Though I like ordering online, in general I would prefer to buy figures in stores, if possible - for one thing, the prices are usually less, etc.


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