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MOTU Test Shot Figures by The Loyal Subjects

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  • MOTU Test Shot Figures by The Loyal Subjects

    Check out these awesome Masters of the Universe Test Shot figures from The Loyal Subjects. From the personal collection of Brad Goodman.

    I collect prototypes & test shots from every line of toys that I collect. I’ve loved Masters of the Universe since I was a kid in the 1980s. I started collecting The Loyal Subjects a few years ago, and seeing them create MOTU figures was a dream come true! They are a great company and I’m excited to see what else they’ll be doing with MOTU in the future!

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    Those test shots figures are pretty cool. Pretty awesome to have a full collection of figures like that.
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      Never liked test shot figures. Always seemed pointless to me. Just not my thing.
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        Same here...

      • RoboSteveo
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        I think the appeal for some is that these are the first plastics poured into the molds before the actual figures are produced. It makes them unique. Certainly a conversation piece.

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