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Mondo Teases Picture of Relay!

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  • Mondo Teases Picture of Relay!

    Brock Otterbacher of Mondo has teased a fun photo of Relay on his Instagram page.

    In-progress of the most amazing collectible ever created.

    It’ll be available for preorder. If you look at my precious pics of MOTU characters, the guess is super easy. And no- no Santa hats with these guys. Just this dude as a fun wink.
    Mondo is releasing Skeletor in their upcoming 1:6 scale MOTU figure line. It would appear that Relay, the puppy from the He-Man and She-Ra Christmas Special, will be coming with Skeletor!
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    Ha! So random!
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      Lame. Doesn't fit at all with these figures. If they made it classics size that would be cool.
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        I like it. Even though it doesn't quite fit in with the figure it comes with, I think its great. This could also help lead the way for it being made for MOTUC.
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          This silly thing will come with the super cool Skeletor figure?... Hard to believe!!!


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