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1/6th scale Faker from Mondo

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  • 1/6th scale Faker from Mondo

    First Images of the 1/6th scale Faker from Mondo! Also on display is Burbie from the Filmation He-Man cartoon episode "Double Edge Sword", and Relay from "He-Man and She-Ra: A Christmas Special." Of special note is the laser pistol from the 1987 Masters of the Universe movie, that appears to be coming with He-Man!

    Thanks to for taking these cool photos!

    A close up photo of Faker, courtesy of Brock Otterbacher (Mondo).

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    Faker looks great. I also like the movie gun. It would be great if Mondo was able to make a movie action figure line.
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      Aaahh, my wallet cannot take it anymore, are they planning to do a bunch of figures in this scale?!


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        That Faker is freaking awesome!!!

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          Call me the oddball but I'm not really digging it.

          The armor and weapons are astonishing but I feel the rest looks like a blue Randy Orton with a bad haircut.

          Skeletor's loincloth looks fine but the others look sloppy to me...maybe it's the cloth look as opposed to sculpted.
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          • Captain Atkin
            Captain Atkin commented
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            From what I can tell looking at Faker, the figures do have classic sculpted furry underwear and belts under the leather skirts. I think the skirts and added belt are just a second option.

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          I think these look amazing from the neck down, but none of the head sculpts work for me. There is something goofy and cartoonish about all of the faces and it seems to clash with the style of the rest of the figure. Also none of them really look like the characters to me. Even the vintage toy He-Man head and Alcala Skeletor head look really off the mark.


          • Mechanizor
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            These aren't suppose to be vintage toy style based replicas, they're simply new interpretations of the characters much like the Sideshow statues, however inspired by the comic book art...

          • Battle_Brak
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            I understand that they are a new interpretation, I think the sideshow statues, the pcs statues, and the various other interpretations work well. I just feel like the head sculpts on these are not working for me personally. And they showed extra vintage toy and Alcala styled heads for he-man and Skeletor respectively that also look really far off model so I don't feel like it's an intentional stylistic choice. I appreciate what they've done here though. If the head sculpts were either more realistic or more in line with an established MOTU style these would be must haves for me.

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