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Conan the Barbarian comic figure update!

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  • Conan the Barbarian comic figure update!

    Well, I just received this email!
    Conan the Barbarian
    Deluxe Comic Book Figure
    Pre-Order Customers
    A Shipping Update
    Dear Super7 Conan Comic ULTIMATES! Pre-Order Customers,

    We value you as a customer and fan, which is why we are following up today to provide you the most transparent update we can on the shipping status of your Conan Comic ULTIMATES! Pre-Order.

    This release was on track to ship from our overseas factory to our fulfillment warehouse in California with orders scheduled to begin going out to all of you at the end of January.

    Unfortunately, when the pallets of figures arrived at the port facility, it was discovered there was a serious packaging issue with the release. As a result, we've had to return our entire production run of the Conan Comic Figure to the factory so they can each be repacked correctly.

    To further complicate this, our factories are currently off line for Chinese New Year, and this project cannot begin until they reopen.

    We understand that this release is already past the original delivery expectation and we all at Super7 apologize for this delay. This being said, because we are fans just like you, we are unwilling to deliver a package we aren't proud of. Instead, we are committed to valuing you and your patience with us while we get it right, and we plan to go above and beyond to show you we do.

    Since we will already be repacking the figures, we have decided to add a bonus “Thank You” into each package. We will now include an additional bloody sword and bloody spear with Conan. These will be in addition to the existing accessories of the sword, spear, and extra heads. When you get the figure in hand, we think you will be thrilled and excited. It turned out awesome!

    Once the packaging is fixed, the figures repacked and additional new accessories added, the figures will be on their way. Although not finalized as the factories have not reopened, we currently expect figures to be arriving in late April to our ports, with shipping planned to begin in May.

    We highly value you, which is why we have decided to be as honest as possible. Thank you for your understanding and patience and we will continue to send you updates.
    That was my last official purchase from Super7, and I don't regret it to be honest with you... I just don't have the patience for this BS anymore.
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    I'd rather have them fix them to be honest. I remember the not too distant past when we were told to just deal with it.
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      Originally posted by _RZ_ View Post
      I'd rather have them fix them to be honest. I remember the not too distant past when we were told to just deal with it.
      To each his own I guess.
      IMHO if things getting shipped and received in that manner without a proper vetting of the orders before fulfillment is either a major incompetence from S7's end, or a made up story!

      I dealt with it by not purchasing from Super7 any longer... I'm just waiting for my Snake Mountain to be fulfilled by Entertainment Earth hopefully without any major issues, and if the Collector's Choice is rewarded back to S7 at one point in the future, I'd take my chances with a third party seller or the secondary market.


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        I bought two Conan figures, and was very pleased by the way they turned out. They look great on display with MOTUC. As an FYI, the horns on the helmet are pointy and sharp!
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          I only ended up buying one.
          I think he turned out great. He’s also not as shiny as the first bunch of MOTU figures that Super 7 made. Makes me glad I preordered their Thundercats Classics and movie Conan figures.
          Hoping S7 can continue to improve


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            I have my Conan figure, but I'm not sure if I wanna take him out of the packaging, or keep him sealed and sell it at a later date! However inside the packaging he looks great!

            I have decided not to make more business with S7 due to their current (and sometimes unpredictable) business model and due to their inaccurate and very late shipping dates! And if I wanted to purchase some of their 'collectables' in the future, probably I'll go through the third party route like EE or BBTS.


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              That’s what I’ve been doing since my Conan purchase. Everything has been preordered through BBTS.


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                Originally posted by Croc-O-Bite! View Post
                That’s what I’ve been doing since my Conan purchase. Everything has been preordered through BBTS.
                I know it's a little pricier, but at least you can cancel at anytime and they don't hold your money from the moment you pre-order like S7 does!... I've seen people also complain about S7 when it comes to refunds or returns which is another wishy-washy policy I don't wanna deal with!


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                  I got a Conan figure as well. He looks fantastic! I have him on display next to my computer. I'll probably eventually display him with MOTU. He would fit in well with Vikor.
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