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    To each their own. I think there are some cool designs and some potential here, but I don't intend to pay $30 for a figure with the old school 5 points of articulation.


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      I'm breaking my silence just to share this interview (conducted by Joe Amato from the Fans of Power YT channel) with Emiliano Santalucia about Formo Toys and the Lords of Power action figure line:

      I think this action figure line is an awesome start for a such new small company like Formo Toys that was founded by Emiliano and his friends. And let's just hope the QC of the factory they're working with will meet the expectations of the fans.
      I'll try my best to support this line from its inception to the day it blossoms to something bigger; hopefully.

      Formo Toy's YT channel link:


      • Andy
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        Emiliano mentioned wanting to do mini comics eventually but not having the time to do it. I highly recommend the services of Danbrenus who has the skills to pull it off flawlessly!

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      I like the look of the translucent blue on the Geenie guy. For me anyway, it helps improve a figure I wasn’t too keen on. Still not a fan of the geenie lamp on a pole though….(sounds like a Vince Russo stipulation match, lol)

      I’d rank them:

      1) barefoot barbarian
      2) green guy based off Mark Taylor’s b-sheet
      3) Jack Kirby styled armour
      4​​​​​​) Sharella with a Z
      5) Derlok
      6) geenie
      7) Pantera


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        I guess I kind of stepped away from the dot org for a bit. Now I'm playing catch up and thus finally getting to what the dot org thinks. They seem to love it.


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