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Mondo Retro Scare Glow + Nite Mare Steed

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  • Mondo Retro Scare Glow + Nite Mare Steed

    Scare Glow is going to be a 15″ Jumbo Size figure and have transluscent skin with a glow in the dark skeleton body!

    He also has a steed that's brand new called Nite Mare

    Here's a link with pictures.

    We want to give a huge thanks to Mega Jay Retro for sending us these exclusive Mondo Power Con 2023 Masters of the Universe Panel Reveals
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    I wanted to share MONDO earlier as well, but I was too sick to do so since I've been battling the Cold/Flu/Covid the whole past week/weekend. Anyhow TNI they have a bunch of articles and pics about this MONDO stuff as well:

    Also you might wanna check these videos from Power-Con if you're still interested:

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    • Andy
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      The flocked Panthor is limited to 500 but only has two heads. And no toe articulation. Still looks sweet and I like the helmeted head! I wish I could afford more of Mondo actually.

      Hope you start feeling better Mech, I'll throw some positive vibes your way toward healing.

    • Mechanizor
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      Thanks Andy, today I actually feel much better than a few days ago; Thank God... I usually work from home, and I rarely go out these days. However someone gave me the stupid virus "directly" either via a home delivery or someone from the building that I shared the elevator with (yuck)!
      I'm extremely careful with my surroundings so I constantly wash my hands and have a rubbing alcohol ready everywhere, it's an old habit of mine since I've worked in retail for many years aside from my freelance gigs.

      As for the Mondo stuff, it looks great no doubt, but their prices aren't for everyone!...

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    Being entirely out of the loop on MotU news and products, it's no wonder I couldn't get any details on the Battle Ram -- they already had one in the works! I also, just today, got a chance to browse the mini-comic and art books (the latter also a project I'd tried to get started long ago, but found the doors at Mattel closed to me), and spotted some similarities with my own writings. It makes me wonder whether people see my stuff and assume that I'm just ripping off other people's work, rather than unknowingly following a similar train of thought.

    Of the various products they were revealing, I think the sixth-scale Teela looks the most promising. I've never been one for articulation, but at least hers seems to be partially concealed. The Scare Glow, on the other hand, while mimicking the bulky look of the original toy, comes out looking rather odd on account of it. Ever since I learned of the various methods of 3-D printing, and imagined putting metal or plastic skeletons into more jelly-like plastic "flesh", I've wondered if it's possible to create an entirely real-looking figure (something like the old rubber-coated Barbie dolls with their internal joints, but with more advanced methods made available via desktop 3-D printing). It looks like we're on the verge of seeing just that.


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