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Production on new movie to begin in 2014!

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  • Production on new movie to begin in 2014!

    Devon Franklin, Senior Vice President of Production for Columbia Tristar, just posted on instagram that production on new movie is set to begin in 2014!

    "Any Masters of the Universe fans out there!? Mattel just sent me this vintage Castle Grayskull! Takes me back to my childhood! I'm working on bringing the new He-Man movie to the screen. We start production this year! #mastersoftheuniverse #heman #ihavethepower"

    Click image for larger version

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    I really hope this is true. It's about time to move forward with the movie I just hope they can capture Masters in a live action movie and give us all the characters we love.


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      They're gonna screw it up. I just know it. : (
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      • Captain Atkin
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        Hopefully that won't be the case. Devon Franklin seems to be a genuine fan of the property. I am looking forward to seeing what they come up with for a new MOTU movie.

      • D.M.
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        Yeah, but take Transformers and new Star Trek for example. The writers and producers and director all acted like they're huge fans of properties and yet...

        It'll sure be a pleasant surprise if MOTU movie actually turns out as it should be.

      • Anti-Guru
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        I agree with you D.M. It will probably be just like all the other toy to movie translations out there... terrible.

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      sorry to sound like a joyless wonder but i'll believe when i see set pics. it will be interesting though to see what route they take with the story with the classics and dc comic going in such opposite directions


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        Going in with low expectations. Not to sound overly negative, but the guy thinks that is a vintage Castle Grayskull...I'm not expecting him to know everything about everything, but he can't even see the grown man on the box holding the castle or that the box says "adult collector?" That is just a funny mistake, and it forms the basis of my lack of expectations.

        I just hope if any film finally does materialize, (how long have we waited? It's like going on 10 years now...) it at least doesn't completely suck.
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          This is great news. Let's just stay positive MOTU fans. Do I think if there is a movie that it'll be what I want it to be? No. But I do expect certain/important things(MOTU) to be the same. I believe the movie has to appeal to non MOTU fans as well. Heck I want to take my kids to it. They're certainly not making a movie for us core MOTU fans. Always about the almighty dollar. I'm just going to try & keep an open mind about the process all the way up until I see the ending credits of a MOTU movie.


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            I don't expect it to be great but I hope it's at least fun.
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              So, it seems that a new MOTU movie is on the way !? Personally, I take this as a very bas omen : this means that Mattel and Mattycollector will take the first opportunity to pull the plug on Masters Of The Universe Classics... I wish they would have waited 2 or 3 more years before the new movie arrived...


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                Lets hope for someone (Zack Synder, Brian Singer, or Wachowski Bros) who can really bring MOTU to life, and stay positive until the movie is released and completely bombs. Then we can all share a big

                "I told you so! _ _ CK YOU Hollywood! Shut up insipid fan boys! Die in a fire Michael Bay! Thanks for nothing brainwashed-by-terrible-plotless-Honey-Boo-Boo-Kardashian-Bachelor--tweeting-twittering-Facebooking-mindless-reality show-gobbling masses. You are all that is wrong with the world."

                and then pop in the 87 film.


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