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Sony's rumored Wish List of possible directors

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  • Sony's rumored Wish List of possible directors

    Back in October of 2013, it was reported that Director Jon Chu was leaving the Sony's Masters of the Universe film project to direct the sequel to G.I. Joe: Retaliation. Sony has been dropping hints the past few months that they want to get the project moving forward again. In October, screenwriter Terry Rossio (The Lone Ranger) came onboard the project to write a new draft of the script. It is now being reported by Schmoes Know that Sony Pictures has a short “wish list??? of directors that they want to direct the film. Some of these directors have reportedly been approached by the studio, but nothing has been signed and there is a good chance the Director who does direct the film won't be someone on that list. Nevertheless, it does give fans some indication about the direction that Sony would like to take the film in.

    Joe Cornish: Recently rumored to direct Star Trek 3. He worked as a writer on the animated film The Adventures of Tin Tin, and most recently as a writer on Marvel's Ant-Man film. He directed the low budget/financially successful sci-fi film Attack the Block. It is expected that he will direct a feature film with a big budget in the near future, and his work on sci-fi and comic book films is an obvious big draw for Sony.

    Rian Johnson: Directed the successful sci-fi film Looper, as well as a few episodes of the hit TV series Breaking Bad. He is known to be selective with his film projects, and would most likely want to have a fair amount of input on the script if he directed the MOTU movie. Whether or not he would want to direct a movie based on a toy line is questionable, but the studio does have a good working relationship with him. Never hurts to ask.

    Andy Muschietti: Recently directed the hit ghost story Mama. The Director is currently booked to helm Universal’s Mummy reboot that has been scheduled for a 2016 release date. He will most likely be too busy to direct the film, but it could leave him as a contender for a sequel.

    Kirk DeMicco & Chris Sanders: As a team, these two directed last year’s hit animated film The Croods for Dreamworks. They are currently working on the sequel to that film. Animated films take a long time to make, so the chances of these two working on the next MOTU movie are probably slim.

    Phil Lord & Chris Miller: Another team of directors who are currently working on The Lego Movie. Last year, they directed the very successful 21 Jump Street film, and are currently working on that film’s sequel. Buzz around the Lego Movie has been very positive, and is expected to be a big hit for the studio. As these guys seem to have the ability to make hit film out of what at first glance could be viewed as silly properties by the general public, and make sense that Sony would looking at these guys as contenders.

    So what do you all think? Do you like any of the choices from this rumored wish list? Is there anyone not on the list that you think would be a better choice as a Director?
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    I'd rather they made the whole movie motion capture/CGI like Avatar (minus the real people footage). It's the ONLY way a MOTU movie can possibly be done right. MOTU is too fantastic of a world to try and interpret with real actors, not to mention real sets and backdrops.


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      Agreed! - 100% CGI aimed towards kids with a bit of humour for adults would be my choice - its way too risky to use real actors, especially when they all need rather huge physiques and plenty of CG/Post Production effects anyway

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    I'm no expert in deciding a director. But whoever they go with. I hope they're confident in their decision to make a smart,rooted & entertaining movie. Let's get the ball rolling with this. I'm excited for this movie to happen good or bad. Need to stay positive.


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