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Message from DeVon Franklin about the New MOTU Film!

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  • Message from DeVon Franklin about the New MOTU Film!

    DeVon Franklin, Senior VP of Production at Columbia Pictures (a division of Sony), posted a new message on his Twitter account about development on the upcoming He-Man and the Masters of the Universe film!

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    Good to hear something new about the film! Can't wait to see how this new film turns out
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      How they're not gonna give it a Michael Bay treatment.
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        While it's good to hear that movie is still on the table, but my reaction to this news: Yawn!


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          I'll believe it when I see an official trailer.


          • Captain Atkin
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            He-Man did appear in a new trailer today (in animated form) in a movie being produced by SONY called CHAPPIE. I doubt that was just a coincidence, as SONY is making the He-Man movie. I suspect that was a way of sneaking in brand awareness with the general public.

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          (a combined response to two threads.)

          District 9 & Elysium are amazing...I can't WAIT for Chappie. I think Neill Blomkampis the Francis Ford Copila of our time. It's a shame he passed on Star Wars. But hey, I think I now understand why! DAMN that looks awesome! It totally reminiscent of Short Circuit, But I also see a lot of Star Trek's Data in this. I think it's just that we aren't use to friendly droids in a world full of Skynet manufactured Hals...Always robots that are evil and Humans that are the victims. Rriiiiiight. Tell me another as i smack my phone for not working. Perhaps this lil clip was his way of saying he wants a crack at MOTU film? I say LET HIM.

          Watch all the "BEST OF" FILMation. Read ALL the mini comics. Get him a copy of the various art books and a thumb drive of all the unpublished stuff and box art scans and vintage licensing kit bios and CALL ME to write it and lets get er done already LOL Given the "Rocky and war torn" nature of the post "Great Wars" Eternia and it's ancient secrets locked away in "a Fortress of Mystery and Power" "at the border between light and dark" I think MOTU is EXACTLY the type of "big issues" theme this guy loves to make movies about. The dystopian aspect of modern Eternian society is totally Planet of the Apes, Castle Grayskull being the statue of liberty. (figuratively speaking that is) Eternia being so old, and having so many lost ancient, secrets, myths and legends, they can't even tell the truth from the myths, the history from what is make believe...Imagine the hubris of Grayskull & the Elders being mirrored by the hubris of Skeletor and his counsel of "evil", but only the audience (and perhaps the sorceress) is even aware of this? Imagine He-Man having to make the choices knowing his father's sins or that of his ancient ancestor? What WOULD He-Man do? That's a Blomkamp protagonist in the making I tell you. Throw in natural family drama multiplied by royal pains of Shakespearean drama as a morality play appropriate for children and I think Neill Blomkamp can make MOTU as Apocalypse Now meets Macbeth for five year old kids...THEMATICALLY speaking that is. Also Secrets and lies need to be a central theme. The myths we make to protect the innocents of youth, and the secrets we keep from our parents. Teela, Adam, Adora and Orko, if real people are going to have lots of feels about the "secret of" Keldor and of swords and who their parents are be that biological or mystical.

          Just imagine a Neill Blomkamp film set on earth ten thousand years after a near nuclear holocaust. Now add whimsy to Thundarr, rename Earth Eternia and you have He-Man. This isn't rocket science. However, I think the earth will be consumed by the sun in a hundred trillion years from now and this film will still be in the script phase. On the bright side, DeVon spelled Grayskull correctly. That's something.
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          • Captain Atkin
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            I don't see Neill Blomkamp directing a He-Man movie, but it would be great if he was a Producer on the film. He could certainly help set the tone and steer the film in the right direction

          • Shawn
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            That's a good point, producer would be good enough. But then who would direct it? He would have to get somebody who is as equally "outside of the box" type of filmmaker in Hollywood's system.
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          The fact that this movie is still rolling along and they didn't rush a release to piggyback off of The Hobbit or Game of Thrones' popularity is a good sign. To me that shows they are thinking hard about it, and probably have something really good up their sleeves.

          Honestly I think the less of a He-Man fan the writers, producers, and director are, the better off we will be for this movie. If they take the basics- the characters AND their design, backstory, locations and their general "style", the original "feel" of MOTU via 70's Heavy Metal fantasy comics, Frazetta painting, and pre-Star Wars Sci-Fi- and ignore all the "canon" then I think they have a good shot at making a quality movie. If the movie is made with "canon" in mind, we're more likely to get something really bad like the 1st 1990's live-action TMNT movies.

          As long as they don't go in the direction of the 1st MOTU movie and make everything colorless, black, dark, and remove stuff like a big orange Beast Man or the well-known costumes of the main characters, I think we'll be fine.

          Pretty obvious that CHAPPIE has the He-Man cameo to start "the buzz train" going- very welcome.

          I doubt we'll ever get a "quality serious film" by Blomkamp or any other well-know serious director but one could hope. 75% of the movie buying audience of today knows He-Man only from the 4 Non Blondes YouTube parody and Robot Chicken, so I would expect something closer in tone to the Dark Shadows remake or 1960's Batman- camp to the extreme.

          I don't mind a comedy He-Man- I'd prefer a serious EXCALIBUR type of story and let the ridiculousness inherent in the characters of MOTU be the "comedy."

          He-Man kind of has an advantage over your Supermans or Batmans, other heroes in this respect: it can be deadly serious in tone, like Nolan Batman... but humor would fit in there easily and not be forced. He-Man can make the cheezy Schwarzenegger one-liners and it would work, he could have the pageboy haircut and it could work, he can have serious drama and flip between that and comedy and action... he's the only character that can straight-up quote lines from 1960's Batman TV show *AND* be deadly serious action star, *AND* have the opportunity for human drama that Superman cannot.

          Superman is "perfect," He-Man can makes mistakes. He-Man has a big heart and is not the "super-smart" guy like Superman classically has been, so to put his loved ones in danger is more thrilling than another Lois Lane falling off of the building story. Superman is "perfection personified" and the audience knows he will never fail. So in "Man of Steel" his failure to find a good solution is the "shock" to the audience at the end of the film. He-Man doesn't have the same luxury- he CAN fail and in fact his failing could be a great opportunity for the filmmakers and actors to "dig in" to these ill-defined characters. Superman is expected to win at the end of every story, He-Man is not, there is no prevailing conception in the public that he "always wins" because people under thirty mostly remember him from the YouTube joke videos and such. He can show remorse for a failure in a way that Superman can not. In a way MOTU is a rare opportunity for someone to do a serious PG rated film, a la 1980's genre classics, that can be equally cool for the very young as well as the older fans. He-Man can be easily reinvented for our times but still stay true to his roots from Mattel and Filmation. People really do want stuff like Star Wars where the young and the old can enjoy it together, this is a great opportunity...

          It would be a nice fit into that action-comedy genre that Hollywood and the public at large loves so much, and its duality, much like "Guardians of the Galaxy", would be an asset that makes it very different than other comic book movies. Superman, Batman, they're all deadly serious movies. As I get older and older, I find "so serious you'll cut your finger on the ticket stub" superhero movies not as interesting as maybe they were went "Batman Begins" or "Iron Man I" came out. Personally I love the Corman Fantastic Four from the 80's-90's in all its cheese-oozing glory so much more than the horrible serious-high-end one we got a while back. I welcome an Alcala/Norem "Straight High Fantasy In the Classical 1970's Tradition" - who wouldn't love a Milius Conan type of film for MOTU?- but I just can't see a director or writer passing up the opportunity to do an action/comedy where neither side needs to be forced, especially when that genre mix is very "hip" currently.
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            In some cases, movies I've been dying to see or hear any detail about vary from property to property. And honestly when it comes to MOTU... I'll wait til there are FINAL, DECISIVE NEWS. I know as die hard fans we want to discuss every quick tidbit but some things I rather as they say "lay in the cut with a wait and see approach". That way if I am not happy I can just have my outburst then rather than drag it out through the entire process, or will be screaming joy when it's finally hear! :twobad:

            I know one ting for sure is it will be pretty different from being exact so that's the one fact I know and have slowly compromised with.


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