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A new MOTU cartoon?

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  • A new MOTU cartoon?

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    News from the 2014 World Animation and VFX Summit:

    The television side of things was less dense but offered a solid line up as well. Canada was well represented with Guru Studios, Pascal Blais Studio, Atomic Cartoons and Big Bad Boo all featured on a panel. A really great discussion was had about “Rebooting Classic Properties??? and featured Disney’s Troy Underwood discussing Tron and Star Wars, Cort Lane from Marvel and David Voss from Mattel’s Playground Productions giving us an inside look at their upcoming He-Man. Tuesday also featured a fun panel with Kara Vallow, the animation producer behind Seth MacFarlane’s animation empire, Claudia Katz of Rough Draft fame and Halle Stanford, a seasoned exec from The Jim Henson Company, who really knows the ins and outs of the international kids television space. I think this was the broadest “television??? panel I have ever seen -- from prime time heavily written shows to the kids space there was a lot to cover! Halle even talked about Henson’s recent unscripted show, which featured their Creature Shop.
    So what do you think guys?
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    I would LOVE to see a new cartoon get made :hemanrocks:
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      A new cartoon would be great. Even better if they used some of the original voice cast form the Filmation and/or MYP series.
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        What MOTU fan wouldn't want a new cartoon?:hemanrocks:

        ...but has Mattel's Playground Productions actually made anything good?

        and looking at this Cort Lane's IMDb, IMHO I see more misses than hits


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          Originally posted by Croc-O-Bite! View Post
          ...but has Mattel's Playground Productions actually made anything good?

          and looking at this Cort Lane's IMDb, IMHO I see more misses than hits
          And that is precisely why I don't wanna.

          Especially done with in AWFUL CGI:

          Or worse... like this:

          Also what if they started working on it while Scott was around? Would any of you really want those HORRIBLE bios brought on screen, complete with Spector and Skeleteen?
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            This Bratz Monster High crap is so vomit inducing... I don't want to eat for the rest of the night...

            The Hot Wheels thing isn't much better, but if I was in the mood for fast cuts like an MTV music video, an endless string of puns and gags, and that oh so trendy exaggerated 'flash' style animation, I guess I would like it.

            You can almost with complete certainty expect a new MOTU toon to look like this.
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          I'd think the exposure of the property to a larger audience might be a great move regardless of the style they choose!... However, I'd hate it if they made it look in the style of those deformed 2D and 3D cartoons!


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            I really hope this is true. I'd have a good excuse to buy my son all the new toys that would come out with it
            Heroic human battering ram, catapult, and space warp device.



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              Based on D.M.'s links, do you think a new MOTU cartoon might make the characters look like the mini figures? (not that I'm for that look)


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                Let's pray it's not!

              • Battle Ram Man
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                I'd hope for something more along the lines of the Nickelodeon TMNT

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              I'd LOVE a new MOTU cartoon, but I'd hate it if they went with the styles shown above. Not a fan of many of those CGI cartoons (except for maybe Tron:Uprising) and the ridiculously bad, chunky 2D animation style I keep seeing doesn't appeal to me at all. I'd rather see something closer to the old Filmation stuff only better drawn and designed. I also hope they avoid going the Anime-style route as well. Although I liked some aspects of the 200X cartoon, I really hated the Anime influenced look. (*braces for much hate rained upon me by Anime fans)


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