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Director Jeff Wadlow completes his Masters of the Universe script

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  • Director Jeff Wadlow completes his Masters of the Universe script

    From the He-Man World home page:

    Back in April of 2014, it was revealed that Kick-Ass 2 director Jeff Wadlow would be re-writing the screenplay for the Masters of the Universe movie. This week, Devon Franklin (Senior Vice President of Production at Columbia Pictures) posted a picture of the script’s cover page (dated December 24th, 2014). Previous drafts of the script were written by Alex Litvak & Mike Finch, Richard Wenk, and Terry Rossio.
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    I'm curious as to how much of a re-write was done on the script by Jeff Wadlow. It still lists the other four writers who submitted drafts. How much of their work will be part of the finished script remains to be seen. Here's hoping the film takes place on Eternia this time
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      I'll believe a movie when I see it.


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        Something with Grayskull in the title would be more interesting, IMO
        Heroic human battering ram, catapult, and space warp device.


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          Originally posted by MIDOR View Post

          I'll believe a movie when I see it.
          Yeah, I agree with this. A MOTU flick has been in pre-production for ages. And that's all we get--pre-production news. When people start getting casted and the movie starts filming, THEN I'll start to get interested.


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            Let's hope best. And fear worst. And yes, New MotU film been pre-production for ages. Least some people still has faith get it made after all these years.


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              I think they better strike while the iron is hot. Superhero movies in the last few years have dominated the box office.

              Not saying these are all great movies but with the revival of transformers and g.I. Joe, surely he-man deserves the same treatment..same could be said about thundercats and voltron though.

              I'm glad about the buzz and Jeff Wadlow but I also get that I need to check my expectations until I see some cgi. Hopefully battle cat at the very least.
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              • GREP-A-TOR
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                Word! After seeing people riding beasts in Avatar and the lion from "The lion, witch and wardrobe", I think it is finally time to get a decent on screen Battle Cat.

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                dont forget 10,000 bc

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              Having listened the interview with Jeff Wadlow i have to say my hopes are somewhat higher than before, he actually knows the brand, He seems to know his history but is also very currant,

              Also on a bum note did anyone see that Aaron taylor Johnson from kick ass 2 has been working out


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                Me too Zombihama, I feel kinda optimistic about the whole thing after hearing the RGD's interview, however still I'm not expecting much from it, not until I see some decent trailers...


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                  As long as Jeff doesn't take any creative advice from his 'friend' *cough* Scott *cough* the new MOTU movie might not be a slowly expanding pool of vomit. There are so many amazing movies that have come along that MOTU could share a similar tone, X-Men Days of The Future Past, The Watchmen, The Lion The Witch & The Wardrobe, even John Carter to an extent.

                  While some of my aforementioned choices (that I would like MOTU to mirror) may not have been box office gold, just because a movie makes money, doesn't mean its good. Bayformers may be a financial juggernaut, but they are filth movies, which only reveal that sometimes audiences are just satisfied with hokey, trite crap. Bayturtles has grossed $400millon, and yet maintains a RottenTomatoes score of 28%. What's the next franchaise he'll rub his stink over?

                  I also sincerely hope the MOTU movie doesn't get a Guardians of the Galaxy treatment. What exactly do I mean? You'll have to do some browsing online (since everyone seems to have drank the Guardians Kool-Aid), but yes, there are legitimate, critical reviews of this overrated, juvenile, eye-roll enducing, waste of time movie. Yes, there I said it, Guardians of The Galaxy is not all everyone insists that it is. I can never rewatch that film.

                  I want more for MOTU, I hope Wadlow aims high and delievers.
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