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    So, the live action MOTU movie is now up on Netflix. Quick tangent here, funny how my dad bought stock for Netflix and they now put that movie on there. Anyway, I've seen some reviews up for it and it looks like the consensus is at three stars or so. I personally gave it five stars because... well, I'm posting on a He-Man forum for crying out loud! So I figured this would be a good time to get all of us MOTU fans together and possibly make a difference for the brand regardless of how we feel about the movie. Seeing the Cannon movie from the 80s getting popular on Netflix can't hurt the chances of a new movie coming out. Right? Hopefully you folks with Netflix subscriptions will put in a good word for the movie and give it as many stars as you feel it's worthy of, for whatever reason. To start this all off, I'm putting what I had to say about this movie right here.

    I'm a He-Fan and watched this movie in the theaters when I was five. It's great to see it available here for younger generations to experience something us 80s kids found magical. It may not be the BEST live action He-Man, but it's the ONLY ONE we have so far. Where else can you see a muscle-bound hero riding in a pink Cadillac that fires off like the Batmobile? Where else are you going to see James Tolkan with a shotgun mowing down Star Wars Stormtrooper rip-offs? What other cool action movie besides "They Live" has Meg Foster done? Where else are you going to see guys fighting on hoverboards? This movie's 30 years old. Appreciate it for what it was and what it attempted to do when it was made. Frank Langella has some real gems of dialogue, and executes them superbly. You get a He-Man who can kick butt, and not in a campy cartoon way. The plot is essentially the same thing as Joss Whedon's "Avengers" movie: powerful bad dude seeks a mystical-technological artifact that gives him great power to rule the world and a group of heroes emerge to stop him. Sure, nostalgia's fueled the five stars I gave this movie, but I'm aware of hardcore He-Fans and She-Ravers who would rate it only one because they can't rate it zero. If I were to honestly rate it as a non-MOTU fan, I'd give it four or three stars. Considering the age of this movie, I think it could live up to being called the "Star Wars of the 80s" if most folks just got past the hangups over the MOTU cartoon. Just throwing that out there.
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