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Rumor: Mike O'Hearn Cast as He-Man in Masters of the Universe Movie?

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  • Rumor: Mike O'Hearn Cast as He-Man in Masters of the Universe Movie?

    Is this for real? So it's happening?!?!?!
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    I don't know, probably he's only trying to audition for the role! I'd be excited to see him getting it for his amazing physique, but for now I'd take this news with a grain of salt!


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      He has not been cast as He-Man. People are reading way to much into what he posted. From what I gather, he is training right now in the hopes of getting an audition.
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        interesting though his training consists of losing 30 lbs of muscle...seeing his pictures,he is ridiculously out of proportion in his legs especially.Sometimes getting muscular is getting too muscular

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      in anything regards to a He-man or masters of the universe or whatever you want to name the movie I'll believe it when I see it.
      And even then I still won't believe it.
      I agree what the Cap'n says. He's trying to garner votes and support. Getting his face and in this case his body/physique out there.


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        It's only an audition thankfully. If it was true then the movie was screwed from the get go. Sorry guys but we need a well built actor not someone like this.


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          The fact that someone is actively seeking the role does suggest to me that the movie might actually happen ...


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            I can see this guy in the film as a secondary character, but no way is that guy going to be He-Man.
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