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  • #HeManForInjustice2

    I don't exactly know where to put this in since it's more of a call for action than a substantial confirmation. Here goes... the ORG went and posted to Twitter calling for He-Fans to tweet #HeManForInjustice2 to Ed Boon, creative director at NeatherRealm studios, due to DC Comics publishing MOTU comics. I know there doesn't seem to be many video game fans in the He-Fan and She-Raver community, but this would be a really cool thing to participate in if you've got a Twitter account, or something you could even do on Facebook since everybody but me has one. Whatever social media you utilize: if NetherRealm, Injustice 2, or Ed Boon have a presence there, let them know about #HeManForInjustice2. Who wants to see He-Man in a major video game title reach new audiences and a new generations?
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    It would be cool if they put He-Man in the game as an optional character.
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      I've been clamoring about this since the first injustice, I'd love a DLC expansion pack with MotU vs DC
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