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Collider Podcast: Here's how you make a MOTU movie.

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  • Collider Podcast: Here's how you make a MOTU movie.

    I don't watch Collider's videos anymore because of their atrocious and bias opinions, however I found this particular clip interesting to share:

    In my opinion, the mini comics and the 200X MYP's cartoon have the best sources on how make it...The 80's Filmation is just too silly for a movie material.

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    Interesting video. He definitely knows what a MOTU film should be. Star Wars meets Lord of the Rings is right on the money.
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      I love Collider, Harloff and Reilly are top dudes but I started reading their treatment and I didn't like it, Skeletor should not be flying around in a massive space ship. I didn't like Justin Marks's one either as it sounded just like Lord of the Rings but you swap rings for swords. Folks seem to want a make a fantasy movie with these characters but they nobody is making what I call a MOTU movie. It's a children's fantasy with archityopes and rather silly names. Good luck making a serious movie with that. Rangarok very much shows you how to handle silly things in a cool baddass way but as you saw, neither Harloff nor Reilly wanted that.


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        Originally posted by Eamon View Post
        Good luck making a serious movie with that. Rangarok very much shows you how to handle silly things in a cool baddass way but as you saw, neither Harloff nor Reilly wanted that.
        To be fair, Batman and the other DC/Marvel films have had silly characters names as well, and yet have managed to be successful serious action movies with some humor in them...

        I always thought when I was a lot younger that a good MOTU movie would be a good mix of elements from LOTR and Star Wars. It's not that hard to accomplish if you have a good script. Just looking at some of the Thor sceneries gives you a hint on how it's done.


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          Some new details about the movie:


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            I know I really shouldn't judge until I actually see the film but this sounds like a shitty MotU movie. A one and done of sorts that will hardly even be remembered.

            Star wars had Watto who was believable but we get orko as a little person...why!

            I hope Sony says efff it and someone who knows the source material takes over becubec this looks like it's going to be jem and the holograms all over.

            Also I don't mind Beastman as a shape shifter but that is usually Evil Lyn's gig.
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              I really dislike their drastic character rewrites... Just stick to the source material god damn it, is that really hard to do for them to write a classic MOTU movie!?


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                I'm pretty confused that they feel the need to rewrite a character into a teacher/mentor figure for Adam when Man-at-Arms, traditionally Adam's teacher/mentor, is, apparently, already in the movie...?
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                  I’m right there with you Mech. Not digging the character changes.
                  As much as I detest the Filmation series, wasn’t Man-At-Arms already the tech guy/ inventor? Why change Zodac or Zodak (might as well call this one Zodaq since the character is getting changed again)? Too bad, as the creation of Zodak was so well received, it’s a shame the cosmic enforcer is getting changed yet again....

                  And what’s the deal with Beast Man? Was someone at Sony watching Titans and decided “hey, let’s make Beast MAN just like Beast BOY, only orange!” I’m not a fan of change just for the sake of change, and that’s what this feels like with Beast Man, because making him a shapeshifter doesn’t sound like a cost cutting measure when you factor in the cgi for all the shapeshifting.

                  I hate to be ‘that guy’ who just shits on a movie before even seeing it, but that’s where I’m leaning to already. It doesn’t help either that it’s being helmed at the Tom Rothman runned Sony. Que the budget slashing from him in three, two, one.....


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