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GDL talks about MOTU Revelation's first look!

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  • GDL talks about MOTU Revelation's first look!

    The YT channel GeekDadLife (GDL) talks in this video about the first images of the upcoming Netflix cartoon/animation series MOTU Revelation:

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    Written article and still images by Rob Bricken/Gizmodo:

    Netflix and Mattel have given us our first look at the new continuation of the classic He-Man cartoon, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe: Revelation, complete with new toys to go along with the updated take on the beloved show.

    TL; DR: Basically, it is at least visually and probably plot-wise ripping off the MYP reboot but making it canon to the original series in some doubtless profoundly labored manner.
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      The new series looks promising.


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        I just watched it and I will say that the only thing I absolutely hated was Cringer's voice.

        King Greyskull being race swapped was off to me but I didn't mind other than feeling it's just lazy writing.


        Since Adam died and they only hinted at Teela destined to be the next Sorceress, I feel like season 2 will become the actual Teela story that most folks feared was going to happen.
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