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Are you enjoying MOTU: Revelations? (Spoilers inside)

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    Most of the complaints I have seen weren't just about a woman replacing a man. It was bitching that Teela was made to be unlikable and they didn't show enough of the battle that they teased in the trailer.
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      Originally posted by Battle_Brak View Post

      RT and Metacritic audience scores are notoriously unreliable since the trend of review bombing began. Scroll through those negative reviews and see how many of them actually note anything of substance about the show. Only a very small minority discuss the direction, writing, acting, or animation. Most of them are people just mad that a man was “sidelined” for a woman.
      RT removes or simply does not publish whatever they deem to be "review bombing," which is literally anything the creator or publisher says it is. Yet they still cannot crack a 40% Fresh rating - not even half. And I know they do not publish what they don't like firsthand.

      As for "insufficiently in-depth reviews", I can say the exact same thing about the majority of the positive reviews. "I didn't know anything about the characters but it was good" is easily a third of the RT positive reviews in a nutshell.

      Try to be objective instead of looking for what supports your feelings on the matter. You are allowed to like the show if that is what you feel - but regardless of what the internet says, objective reality still exists, and objective reality indicates there is pretty close to a 50/50 split on Revelations leaning heavily toward overall dislike.
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        MOTU: Revelations was fantastic! Excellent cartoon, with superb animation! I really liked this take on the MOTU mythology. It's also definitely a lot less "childish" than the original Filmation series.

        Lena Headey (Game of Thrones) was the perfect choice for Evil-Lyn's voice.

        The new Moss Man was amazing; very interesting design & concept. This new take on the character reminded me a lot of Swamp Thing/Man Thing, but was still original.

        The storyline was unique & unexpected; I liked how Teela had to form a temporary alliance with Evil-Lyn & Beast Man; I never would have seen that coming.

        Orko was a serious & powerful character, instead of the comedic buffoon from the Filmation series.

        Liked the "new" Teela look re: the more fit physique, the half-shaved head, etc. I also don't necessarily see her as much of an overt lesbian as many others do - but she definitely has a more "butch" look to her than in the original cartoon.

        The "Skelgod" at the end was an obvious homage to the "Super Skeletor" at the end of the '87 MOTU film.

        Nice inclusion of the "evil" vehicles from the '80's, including the Land Shark and the Bashasoraus. It was interesting how the LS got destroyed almost immediately


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          I enjoyed Revelations Part 2 as much - if not more than - Part 1. Excellent story & animation. I also like the homages to the '87 MOTU live-action film with the inclusion of Blade, etc.

          I will write a more complete review later - once I re-watch Part 2.


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