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Lord & Miller not directing 'Masters Of The Universe'

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  • Lord & Miller not directing 'Masters Of The Universe'

    A few weeks ago, it was being reported by Schmoes Know that Sony Pictures had a “wish list??? of directors that they wanted for the "Masters of the Universe" movie. Phil Lord & Chris Miller ("21 Jump Street", "The Lego Movie") were mentioned to be on this list as potential directors. The directing team have now debunked the rumor that they are attached to the film.

    After "22 Jump Street", what’s actually next for you? I’ve heard you’re working on five different projects, including stuff like "Masters of the Universe".

    Lord: Yeah, that rumor got out there. I’m actually proud to have that be the first legitimate rumor that we’ve been a part of. Other than "Alvin and the Chipmunks 4" –
    Miller: Which is also false.
    Lord: I don’t know where that come from.
    Miller: We’re going to take a long nap — that’s the first thing. We’ve been working hard — we have some TV things that we’ve been working on, and there’s a movie that I wrote called "The Reunion" that I’m hoping to get started on pretty soon. But mostly sleeping, and taking some time. Because doing two movies at once is not a good idea if you like to sleep.

    Read more of the interview at Comic Book Resources
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    If there's ever a new MOTU film, it will be worth it to write a saga about the history and the making of that movie ! So many changes... and still no confirmation.


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