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Should Anthony De Longis be in the new movie?

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  • Should Anthony De Longis be in the new movie?

    Anthony De Longis has been incredibly supportive of MOTUC over the past few years, and made some great videos in support of the Club Eternia subscription (in 2012 and 2013). It would be great to see someone as talented and passionate about "Masters of the Universe" in the new film. Especially someone who is a master of swords and weapons.

    A few years ago, I had the pleasure of interviewing Anthony De Longis for During the interview, Anthony expressed interest in returning for the next film, either as Blade or as a different character like Tri-Klops. He also expressed interest in working on the new film as a stunt coordinator (like he did in the 1987 movie.) Even though the new movie will most likely have nothing to do with the 1987 film, how would you all feel about Anthony De Longis returning to the MOTU universe? Is this something that fans would want to see?
    YES! Bring Anthony De Longis back as Blade!
    YES! Bring Anthony back - as a different character (Tri-Klops, Man-at-Arms, Count Marzo, etc...)
    YES! Bring Anthony back - as an actor and a stunt coordinator!
    None of the above.
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    Anthony is an amazingly talented man. I could easily see him playing Tri-Klops!! The fact that movies like Indiana Jones 4 and Batman Returns hired him as a weapons specialist shows that a film like the new Masters of the Universe picture should hire him again. The film would only be better for it!
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      I voted bring him back as different character! Marzo fits his personality really well, however I can see him easily playing different roles too.


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        If the movie's good - sure, why not?
        I wouldn't even mind him as Blade once again. Mainly thanks to Ehapa comics which depicted him as an older warrior.
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          Bring him back as an actor and stunt coordinator!


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            We think De Longis as Blade would be a fantastic cameo in a new movie (assuming the rights could be all worked out)! Probably best to keep him as a cameo though... a MOTU movie will likely be jammed-full of characters as it is... No need to shoehorn in extraneous characters unless the actual story calls for them!!


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