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PCS EX SKELETOR Bust is here!!

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  • PCS EX SKELETOR Bust is here!!

    Big Fedex delivered on to me the Lord of Destruction today. This bust is truly amazing and I have absolutely no idea where to put it. But you guys here at can be the first too see some final production pics. I was very happy to do the packaging design for this line. More in hand pics later.

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    That Skeletor bust looks awesome!
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      This really is the ultimate Skeletor. Amazing!
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        HOLY CRAP!
        That is one terrorfying rendition of Skeletor.
        Translation: Really nice sculpt and art. It's scary.
        You know what? People say I want this skeletor head, I want that skeletor head. I was in none of those camps. I was taking what I was given. But this would make a nice skeletor head.
        The spikes are an ok touch.


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          Yup, this is very creepy, yet very awesome looking! Thanks for sharing and welcome to the forums Eamon!


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            Looks like something out of a horror film. I love that the eyes glow super bright.

            Great work on that packaging. Although my favorite is the recent He-Man/Battle Cat piece you did :hemanrocks:
            Heroic human battering ram, catapult, and space warp device.



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              Thanks for the compliments and warm welcome guys.

              here's another pic for you guys. I will post more over weekend.


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                Welcome aboard Eamon, officially!

                I really like this sculpt and the added LEDs are just gravy. I want to airbrush some green in there though.
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                  Great to see you here, Eamon. That sculpt is incredible. Make sure you put it in a conspicuous place or you may frighten yourself on the way to the bathroom one night.



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                    As awesome i think it will be, im a little dissapointed with PCS communication skills???? . I preordered the minute i could and paid final dues over a month ago. But no sign of it. Even paid $200 for shipping????(To Norway) . I emailed them ,but no response.
                    Kinda sad since i left quite a chunk of money with them. Ordered all motu , and even paid in full for the battlecat/heman statue.
                    Anyone else had these problems?


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