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Evil-Lyn Bust by Tweeterhead!

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  • Evil-Lyn Bust by Tweeterhead!

    From our News page:
    Tweeterhead has posted some awesome new pictures of their upcoming Evil-Lyn bust from their exciting Masters of the Universe collection. You can visit Tweeterhead’s Official Facebook page by clicking HERE! Visit their website at

    Now, that's another gorgeous bust I must have in my collection!

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    That's nice.


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      I gotta say this one is AMAZING! I have liked some of the other busts I've seen, but have always been generally ho-hum about the whole concept of busts and especially the price they go for, but WOW! This one is out of this world!
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      • Mechanizor
        Mechanizor commented
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        I've ordered the other busts (Skeleor, Beastman and Teela) two months ago and yet they're still sitting in the processing department!... No She-Ra for me though.

        I was like you, never been a big fan of the MOTU bust concept, but once I saw those by Tweeterhead, I was in a total different mindset, they're just done right, and this Evil-Lyn one proved me right!

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      Wow!! I love that sculpt.

      Oddly enough, I like the uncorrected/meshed colors. (200x outfit with toy skin color. She should have grey skin..and probably a different color crystal.)

      Still a gorgeous Evil Lyn though!
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      • Mechanizor
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        I've always liked the 200X pale skinned version, but something about the Yellow Skinned Evil-Lyn that makes her very iconic!

      • Andy
        Andy commented
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        I have both of the ones by the 4H and I like this sculpt better.

        A blue costume with light blue highlights on this would just about make me have a geekasm.

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      The Evil Lyn Bust – Limited Edition of 50 pieces – is now up for Pre-Sale!! Tweeterhead have a handful of Skeletor and Beastman Busts left too.
      You can get yours today at

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        I'm getting mine soon.
        I've received my Skeletor bust, but I'm still waiting for Beastman and Teela. ????


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          So, thus far I've received Skeletor, Beastman and Evil-Lyn (all look great in hand, but Evil-Lyn was a little smaller than what I've anticipated), and still waiting for Teela and He-Man!

          Edit: BTW the colors of the busts in real life are way less vibrant than what the edited marketing photos show, so if you're still contemplating on getting these, beware!


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