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Snake Mountain (Icon Heroes)

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  • Snake Mountain (Icon Heroes)

    The Icon Heroes Snake Mountain statue is now available for pre-order. You can see some amazing new pictures of Snake Mountain at their official website:
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    That thing... is a thing of beauty.


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      It is magnificent, isn't it? It reminds me of the illustration of Snake Mountain from the Evil Warriors Giant Picture Book by Fred Carillo, which I have/had.

      On seeing this, with that magnificent rear detail, does anyone else think of identifying the Lords of Destruction from the 1987 Style Guide with the 200X God-Beasts? Primordial, bestial entities of destruction bound into Snake Mountain, whose power Skeletor and Hiss can tap into. Serpos would be the most powerful and least entrapped of the lot ...


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        Damn.....I wanted this but $300? I was hoping for around $200. I love it but I love the CG more for half the price. Do any of the sites selling it do payment plans?


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          I have only one gripe. I wish that they would have installed a pump and motor for a real little waterfall. With either food coloring, led or dry ice - it would have increased the awesomeness times 50 for me.

          Here is what I am thinking:

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          Thomas Jefferson

          Always looking to trade MOTUC to complete my collection.


          • Anti-Guru
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            I suppose one could modify it to be a fountain/waterfall... Just make it so a stream of water pours over the existing waterfall sculpt. the color will be visible through the stream.

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          "If we don't believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we don't believe in it at all." ― Noam Chomsky


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            Wow, Icon heroes knocks it out, again. Man I hope they do the Crystal castle and the Fright Zone.


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              I also can't wait to see the box art for this!


              • RoboSteveo
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                That box art will no doubt be fantastic!!

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              Another wonderful piece of art!


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