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Unboxing Video: PCS Collectibles 1/4 He-Man and Battle Cat

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  • Unboxing Video: PCS Collectibles 1/4 He-Man and Battle Cat

    The first official HMW YouTube video is featuring Eamon O'Donoghue unboxing both of the PCS massive statues He-Man and Battle Cat!

    Battle-Cat is definitely my favorite out of the two, he simply looks amazing with both heads... However, my main gripe with He-Man here is his "Luke Skywalker" head, otherwise his sculpt looks great!

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    If you are going to cough up serious coin for a MOTU collectible, this is hands down the best ever MOTU collectible ever made in my opinion. It is truly awesome and I am quite blown away by it.


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      These videos are great. Please keep it up!

      He-Man and Battlecat are beyond fantastic. These two are easily the best MOTU statues that I have ever seen. A shame we never got to see a Skeletor and Panthor in this line.
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        Thanks for posting this video. That was great fun to watch! I would love to have these statues in my collection someday. These are in a league of their own.
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          Sadly the PCS statues didn't get the support from other MOTU websites with minimal to zero promotion so sales weren't high enough to justify renewing the licence. We were going to design a Skeletor and a Panthor. I actually designed a 1:3 scale She-Ra mixed statue which i might reveal some day.


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