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Teela statue (Pop Culture Shock)

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  • Teela statue (Pop Culture Shock)

    The Masters of the Universe Teela Statue by Pop Culture Shock. There will be both a standard and a PCS Exclusive version of the statue. The standard edition shows Teela holding a laser blaster. The PCS Exclusive Teela will features swappable pieces that allow her to hold a sword and a shield. Pre-orders go live on February 10th, 2014. For more info, go to www.

    MOTU Teela Statue PCS Exclusive Version

    MOTU Teela Statue Standard Version

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    She looks great.


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      She looks beautiful. I would love to have that statue as part of my collection.
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        She turned out GREAT! Front and back


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          While I really like the He-Man and Beast Man statues so far, I have to say Teela is the first one that I like immensily. Not solely for the fact that I've been a Filmation Teela lover ever since I was a kid, but this statue is just gorgeous. Also love that James suggested that Training Robot to be included there!

          Now to only get Emiliano's updated artwork of her as the boxart. Now that would be sweeeeeet!


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            She looks great !! The best in this line so far


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              I haven't found any flaws with mine. The magnets are all very strong. The shield hand is pretty heavy yet the magnet is solid. I really appreciate all of the hand options.

              So far I prefer the open left hand over the clinched fist and shield hands. The shield is massive and, in my opinion, is a little distracting. All of the detail is on the back of the shield which isn't really visible unless she is facing away from you. Lets face it there is only one reason to display her facing away from you and the shield does a great job of ruining that view.

              One concern I have is that the left leg slid out of socket while removing it from the package. It is hard to tell if it should be glued in or was left loose intentionally. Either way it doesn't really matter as far as I can tell.

              The bot's arms on the base are attached by magnets and are easy to overlook while unpackaging. The base is very heavy. It looks great!

              Overall I'm very happy!!


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                She looks fantastic!

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              Not sure I gave this news or statue the time of day since I'm not the biggest Teela or statue fan, but WOW! that is a real nice statue.


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