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  • Icon Heroes - Masters of the Universe

    This thread is about the Masters of the Universe line created by Icon Heroes:

    How do you like their current releases like the letter openers, business card holder and the Castle?

    How do you feel about their upcoming Castle add-on and the proto pics of Snake Mountain?

    Show cool pics of your IH stuff here too
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    I think the Icon Heroes statue line is absolutely fantastic. I hope we see more statues, like the Fright Zone, Crystal Castle, and Eternia down the road. The box art on the packages by Nate Baertsch (aka: Baena) is absolutely gorgeous, and captures the look and feel of the originals 80s artwork. The accessories pack, with the Talon Fighter and Point Dread, looks amazing too. You can tell that a lot of hard work and love went into this design by the designers.

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      The castle needs to be sent to me by a friend in the US. I cant wait to get my hands on it. I am probably all in looking at the stuff they have planned


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        They're all awesome. I'm looking for the Castle and then, the Snake M.!


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          Having the Castle myself, it is a pretty awesome display piece. I actually prefer it over the actual Grayskull playset (more exterior detail, and a scale I can live with). I'm super excited for that Snake Mountain statue. I would like to see how Icon Heroes tackles the Fright zone and the Crystal Castle.


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            I the ICON Heroes CG. Just an absolute amazing piece from the detail to the extra nods they put in....the Zodac symbol on top. It's great to have all 4 sides of Grayskull seen in all it's glory. The box art is also amazing. I love how Nate did the opposite point of view from the the Vintage box art. Truly a masterpiece. I really want the Filmation walk up & point dread but end of year cash can be hard to catch up with. I do want that Snake Mt and I'm ready to preorder.


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              I absolutely love that Snake Mountain.


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                Originally posted by Anti-Guru View Post
                I absolutely love that Snake Mountain.
                Yeah it's a great looking piece. I'm looking forward to the preorder. I hope I haven't missed the window. When is the preorder anyway? Anyway looking forward to Fright Zone & possible Eternia in the future.


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                  That Grayskull box art is amazing. I like it even better than the Rudy Obrero art on the Classics Castle (although I like the sculpt on the Classics castle better)
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                    Originally posted by Battle Ram Man View Post
                    That Grayskull box art is amazing. I like it even better than the Rudy Obrero art on the Classics Castle (although I like the sculpt on the Classics castle better)
                    I'm a 100% with you on that BRM. The box art is simply beautiful. Nate did a really good job with this. I just love how it takes the opposite view from the old vintage box art we had as kids. I am still really hoping that someday they make art prints of this as well.


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                      Exactly. I also love how the art captures that mysterious, smokey quality a lot of early MOTU art had. It doesn't look too modern or too digital at all, which is a great thing.

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