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Is it possible be able to straight to the last unread post in a discussion thread?

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  • Is it possible be able to straight to the last unread post in a discussion thread?

    Not sure if it's been asked before but is there a setting for being able to go to the last unread post in a discussion thread instead of the very beginning of the thread?
    Is there a setting for that which I'm simply not seeing, or is that not an option at this forum at this time?

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    I just went to my own settings and I couldn't find such a feature, I might be blind though, however you always could click the "Latest Activity" option shown in the top gray area of each forum to go quicker to the latest responses/replies...


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      On my phone I go to today's post, then there's arrows at the end of each thread that has gotten a new post today.

      I haven't figured out new comments yet.
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      • Mechanizor
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        Yeah, I forgot about that too, thanks for pointing it out Andy...I have an iPhone BTW.

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      Lol, now I feel stupid ☺️..... Thanks for pointing out what those little blue arrows are for Andy. I've been ignoring them the whole time.
      If I ever run into you in the real world, I owe you a beer.????


      • Andy
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        It took me awhile to stumble onto. Glad I could help out!

        I appreciate the gesture, I'm not much of a beer drinker actually but I'd raise some type of glass with you.

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